'The Masked Singer': Royal Hen Gets Plucked In Elton John Night -- See the Sports Icon Under the Mask (Recap)

Masked Singer
Trae Patton / FOX

See which costumed celebs wowed the audience and who had to 'take it off' on Wednesday's new episode.

*Caution: Spoilers ahead!

The Masked Singer returned on Wednesday for a whole new night of funky retro fun! This week, the show introduced fans to a whole new slew of costumed contestants who are duking it out for a shot at the coveted Golden Mask trophy.

Helmed by host Nick Cannon and overseen by stalwart panelists Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger, Wednesday's exciting episode was themed all around the music and inimitable career of Elton John.

This week, fans met The Hawk, The Husky, The Royal Hen and The Tiki, who each debuted their elaborate and eye-catching costumes.

The Hawk was the first to take the stage and kicked things off with a rollicking, high-energy rendition of "Saturday Night's Alright (for Fighting)" showcasing The Hawk's rocker-worthy vocal skills and some fun pyrotechnics.

"I gotta tell you, Hawk, I have no doubt that you just did Elton John -- who's watching -- proud tonight," McCarthy exclaimed. "That was amazing. What a way to open the show."

The Husky bounded onto the stage next and brought some smooth, soft soulful vocal energy to the night's festivities with a cool cover of "Bennie and the Jets" that left some of the panel baffled and impressed.

"It was an amazing performance, right?" Cannon said after the act, as Jeong chimed in, "He's gonna be around for a while."

The Royal Hen was up next, and while it was clear that she isn't a professional singer, her enthusiastic rendition of "Philadelphia Freedom" showed she was someone who wanted to be here.

"That was such a fun performance, and I just feel like there's a legend underneath that mask," Jeong said after the Royal Hen's song. As a clue, The Royal Hen also revealed that she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama.

Finally, the panel met The Tiki, who seemed like he was going to be a boisterous, wildman type of singer, but instead showed some real grace, control and talent with a moving and truly impressive performance of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road."

"Your voice is absolutely epic," McCarthy declared.

"I know we are all gonna know this person," Thicke added. "The way you're walking in platform heels and effortlessly singing and moving. I mean, that is a legend, with icon rock vocals."

Finally, with all the songs sung, it was time for the audience to vote -- and after all the votes were counted, The Royal Hen and The Hawk wound up having to face off in a Smackdown Round, with each singing different verses of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." And, once the dust settled on the musical rumble, it was The Royal Hen who got the axe.

Before unmasking, the panel made their final guesses -- and once again Jeong surprised everyone with yet another spot-on deduction when he guessed that the Royal Hen is, in fact, trailblazing tennis legend Billie Jean King.

King unmasked to the panel's shock and delight and the iconic athlete spoke with Cannon about her experience on the show.

"It was great, but it is so hot!" King exclaimed with a laugh from inside the heavy bird costume. "I'm sweating bullets!"

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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