'The Hating Game' Trailer: Watch Lucy Hale in the Novel Adaptation (Exclusive)

The flick will premiere Dec. 10 in theaters and on VOD.

Lucy Hale's new project is almost here! ET is exclusively debuting the trailer for The Hating Game, the film adaptation of Sally Thorne's 2016 novel of the same name.

Hale stars alongside Austin Stowell in the flick as two co-workers who experience hate at first sight. "I'm trapped here, day after endless day with my one maniacal nemesis," Hale's Lucy Hutton says in the trailer.

When Lucy and Joshua (Stowell) are up for the same promotion, their dislike for each other only strengthens.

"If you get the job I'll resign, just like you will if I do," Lucy tells Joshua.

"I'm incapable of giving you that pleasure," he replies.

"It's not the first time you've said that to a woman, is it?" she fires back.

While Lucy is sure that she hates Joshua "with a passion," her sexy dreams about him and plan for "psychological warfare" through flirting eventually lead to some hot hookups and maybe even love. 

"I have a theory," Lucy says, "hating someone feels disturbingly like falling in love with them."

The Hating Game premieres Dec. 10 in theaters and on VOD.