The 'First Wives Club' Season 3 Trailer Promises the Ladies Are Back and Up to No Good: Watch!

The BET+ series will return for its third season on Nov. 17.

BET+'s First Wives Club returns for its third season and it looks like it'll be a wild ride! 

In the first trailer for the series' upcoming season, debuting exclusively with ET, Hazel, Bree, and Jayla reunite to celebrate Hazel's wedding at a tropical paradise. But trouble is brewing in paradise and, just when it seems like Hazel has a clear path to happily ever after, the unexpected happens.

Jill Scott (Hazel), Michelle Buteau (Bree) and Michelle Mitchenor (Jayla) reprise their roles as season 3 tackles a whole new batch of messes for the trio to overcome. Hazel throws herself into work with her record label, Ladies First, where she clashes with a newly empowered Regina (Deborah Cox); Bree takes on a new lust for life, diving headfirst into extreme adventure; and Jayla fights to prove herself at her new firm. With old flames, new co-workers and shifting power dynamics, the girls learn to navigate their feelings of loss to discover what's really important to them.

And of course, it isn't a First Wives Club season if there isn't a grand heist, right?!

RonReaco Lee and Mark Tallman return as the ever-lovable Gary Washington and David Montgomery, respectively, alongside guest stars Tara Pacheco, Bill Barrett, Tasha Smith, Essence Atkins, Valerie Pettiford, Terri J. Vaughn, Affion Crockett, Tobias Truvillion, Mikhail R. Keize, Dominique Washington and Bailey Tippen.

Season 2 of the series saw the women taking control of their tumultuous romances and their complicated professional lives. Bree and Gary stumbled through rekindling their romance, figuring out how to find their rhythm as a couple and deal with the past creeping into their present. Hazel went all-in with Ladies First, and butted heads with her partners as she fought to get Regina signed while planning an over-the-top wedding to her young beau, Nigel (Keize). And Jayla made her debut as a powerful lawyer who provided a refreshing perspective in the group, as well as enduring some hilariously light hazing from Hazel, who could not let go of college grudges. 

First Wives Club season 3 premieres Nov. 17 on BET+, with new episodes dropping weekly.