'The Family Chantel': Pedro and River Discuss Their Sister's Questionable Taste in Men (Exclusive)

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The Family Chantel's River and Pedro are bonding. In an exclusive clip from Monday's brand new episode of the TLC reality show, the brothers-in-law discuss the dating habits of their respective sisters, and enjoy some laughs together.

Pedro's rocky relationship with his sister Nicole's boyfriend, Alejandro, has played out on the show in the past, and now he's sharing his thoughts with River, who is also unsure of his own little sister Winter's boyfriend, Jah. (Earlier this season, Pedro and Alejandro got into a heated argument which led to a physical altercation.) 

River starts the conversation by asking Pedro if his sister is still "with the guy," before they go into a full on discussion. Telling River that Alejandro has been lying to Nicole, the protective older brother questions why she'd stay with him.

Giving some brotherly advice, River responds: "If your sister chooses to be with him, even after that, there's nothing we can do about that ... Sometimes, the more you try to say, 'No, don't do this, don't do that,' it just gets worse and causes more problems. So if someone is going to make that mistake, they've just got to make that mistake."

After their chat, River confides in Pedro, telling him he's been dating someone for about five months -- and he hasn't told Chantel or their mom yet.

"I've never met a girl like her before ever, man," River says. "The conversation is good, everything is good." 

While Pedro is happy for River, he also can't help but tease him. "Get ready," he tells him in regard to sharing the news with his family. "You're the youngest son."

"Justice is coming," Pedro adds, letting out a laugh.

The Family Chantel airs Mondays on TLC.


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