'The English' Trailer Sees Emily Blunt Taking on the West in Wild New Limited Series

The English
Prime Video

Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer are teaming up with writer and director Hugo Blick for a wild new Prime Video series.

Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer are teaming up with award-winning writer and director Hugo Blick to take on the wild, wild west in the new Prime Video limited series, The English. The first trailer gives a closer look at both of their characters, with Blunt playing an aristocratic Englishwoman named Lady Cornelia Locke while Spencer plays a Pawnee ex-cavalry scout named Eli Whipp. 

According to Prime Video, the two “come together in 1890 middle America to cross a violent landscape built on dreams and blood. Both of them have a clear sense of their destiny, but neither is aware that it is rooted in a shared past. They must face increasingly terrifying obstacles that will test them to their limits, physically and psychologically. But as each obstacle is overcome, it draws them closer to their ultimate destination – the new town of Hoxem, Wyoming.” 

And it’s at Hoxem, where the full extent of their intertwined history becomes clear as the local sheriff, Robert Marshall (Stephen Rea), and a young widow, Martha Myers (Valerie Pachner), investigate a series of bizarre and macabre unsolved murders. 

While talking to Entertainment Weekly about the series, which marks her first major TV role since 2005’s Empire, Blunt revealed what drew her to this unexpected story.

“It's a very mythic story space, so you can get outside of a strict reality with it in some ways. You can do something really elevated, and it's a world that's built on power and identity and brutality,” she shared. “This offered a cacophony of reasons why I wanted to do it. It was so beautiful when I read it; it was so piercing. And yet, it moved like a chase thriller.”

All six episodes of The English will premiere Nov. 11 on Prime Video.