'The Crown' Consultant Andrew Morton Reveals If King Charles Can Actually Breakdance (Exclusive)

'The Crown' depicted a then-Prince Charles breakdancing in the episode, 'The Way Ahead.'

King Charles can indeed bust a move! Season 5 of The Crown depicted a then-Prince Charles breakdancing in the episode, "The Way Ahead," prompting many to wonder if the royal's dance moves were fact or fiction.

In the episode, Dominic West -- who plays the role of Prince Charles -- is seen hitting the dance floor at a charity event and dancing to the 1992 hip-hop single "Don’t Sweat the Technique."

The scene was based on a real-life royal outing on March 29, 1985, when Prince Charles attended a workshop that was put on by his charity, the Prince's Trust. The event, which was located in a West Sussex, U.K., village called Middleton-on-Sea, was dubbed Youth Meets Industry and introduced Prince Charles to a group of young people. 

The real-life video footage from the event shows Prince Charles learning the dance moves and even getting down on his knees in signature breakdancing form. 

On Monday, ET spoke with biographer and The Crown consultant Andrew Morton to discuss the now-viral scene and his contribution to the Netflix drama. 

When asked about consulting for the series, Morton explained, "I found it fascinating. They asked me the most specific questions -- like the color of the wallpaper. What I learned is they do take liberties, but a lot of truth." 

When asked about now-King Charles' dance moves, Morton confirmed, "Yes!" The biographer went on to explain that the royal even took his talents overseas, saying, "He breakdanced in Brazil with topless ladies!"

As a prolific royal biographer, Morton has published several books on England's monarchy including Diana: Her True Story, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, and his forthcoming biography, The Queen: Her Life, which will focus on the late Queen Elizabeth II.