'The Circle': REAL Michelle Reacts to Shocking Double Profile Twist (Exclusive)

'The Circle' real Michelle

'Orange Michelle' opens up to ET about the game-changing season 3 twist that no one saw coming.

Warning: spoilers ahead! Do not proceed unless you've watched all four new episodes of The Circle.

Alert! The Circle just launched its first four episodes of season 3, and our jaws are already dropping on the floor. #WeAreShook *send message*

When Netflix announced the new season last month, they promised plenty of "new secrets, shocks and surprises," and they certainly lived up to the expectations. The all-new players -- as well as fans watching at home! -- went wild after Ava and Chanel were blocked from The Circle, but given a second chance to return to the game. There was one catch, however: in order to continue playing, they had to choose another player's profile to clone. They ultimately decided on the sweet "mama" and comedian of the group, Michelle, from Pacolet, South Carolina.

Ava and Chanel had to play as "Blue Michelle," while real Michelle went by "Orange Michelle." The other players were then asked to choose which Michelle to block... and sadly, they chose the imposter! 


Now, the real Michelle is opening up to ET about the wild season 3 twist, and how far she thinks she would have gone if she were able to stay in.

"It's just a game, and you're there for a purpose. People aren't being mean or anything like that," she said, of her reaction to the block. "They traveled a long way to get there and you have to do what you have to do, no matter how sweet of a person you are."

If she were the one saved, Michelle believes she would have "went all the way, without a doubt."

"All the way, because I can connect with people really well," she explained. "And I think that everybody being much younger, that they needed someone to release everything to. I feel like I would have been that person."


Ruksana and Daniel were two of the players that originally believed "Orange Michelle" was the real Michelle, but chose to block her last minute in the unanimous Circle decision. 

"I feel so bad!" Ruksana told ET, laughing. "Because first of all, the whole situation just stunk. It got too crazy and we're literally on for crunch time. One minute one seemed real, then the other seemed more real and I'm like, 'This is so messed up.'"

"It was so confusing even thinking about it now!" she continued. "I remember I said to the real Michelle, 'If you're really a comedian, then say something funny.' I was like, 'That wasn't really that funny.' She said something and I was just like, 'What? Why wouldn't it make me laugh if she's a comedian? This isn't the real one!' But bless her heart, it was the real one ... we didn't know who to believe anymore."

Daniel chimed in, telling ET that he's going to "die on this hill," because he knew "Orange Michelle" was real Michelle "from the jump!"

"I literally said it. She had the Clemson [University] shirt in her bio when she shouted it out. I was like, 'Turn it up, baby, we know it's you,'" he recalled. "I get in the group chat with Nick and Calvin for The Wolf Pack and Calvin's like, 'No way, she's fake.' And me and Nick are like, 'You're dumb.' And I knew I didn't have the vote so I was like, whatever, I don't have the votes to save my girl. She's a queen ... and everyone else pretty much crapped the bag and flopped."

"So I stand on this hill. I knew it was you, baby girl!" he added, speaking directly to real Michelle. "I know my mama when I see her, and that's on that."

The Circle is streaming now on Netflix.