'The Circle': Daniel and Ruksana React to Nick's 'Terrifying' Ghost Hunter Vince Profile (Exclusive)

Nick The Circle

The cast speaks to ET about the season's shocking twists and turns -- including the scariest profile to ever hit 'The Circle!'

Warning: spoilers ahead! Do not proceed unless you've finished the first eight episodes of season 3 of The Circle.

It's officially #SpookySeason on The Circle, all thanks to Nick's eerie burner profile, Vince!

Following the epic shocker of Ava and Chanel's clone profile for Michelle, Netflix turned up the notch even further by giving "drummer" Nick from Seattle a second profile to use in the game. The jaw-dropping twist had the other players losing their minds, with some (looking at you, Daniel!) hiding for their safety.

It all began during episode seven, when Calvin was blocked from The Circle and was told he could give the "gift of popularity" to one of the remaining players. He chose Nick, who couldn't be more stoked about the news and what he could do with it to help out his influencer ranking.

Enter the game "Vince" (aka Nick No. 2), a 38-year-old ghost hunter from Boston with a black-and-white profile pic and plenty of chilling stories. The show did not reveal who the real person was behind the edgy snap.

"Vince, that profile, 10/10 was not it. It was scary, it was terrifying!" Daniel joked to ET over Zoom. "I believed he was real because it fit. Listen, Vince, if he's watching this video, I don't know if he's a real human being or not, but I'm still scared I'm going to be the virgin sacrifice. And I stand by that."

"I was terrified every day. I felt like my safety was at arm's length with this man," he continued. "I thought he was real and I was ready to block him the second I saw the long hair. I was like, 'Cut the cameras, you gotta go!' I was done."

Ruksana, meanwhile, wasn't fooled. She told ET she had a feeling all along that the Vince profile was set up for "pure entertainment."

"I was laughing. I don't know if anyone else was scared but I was like, 'Seriously?' It was like an Unsolved Mysteries kind of vibe," she recalled. "When it comes to facts and things, I really need back up to believe. So when all the things were happening with that, my face I was just like, 'Really?'"

"I wasn't scared. I was just like, I legit don't want this person to ever visit me because if it was the creepy [person]... like, I would not have been the one," she added. "Like, where's my husband that's 6'1 that protects me in these instances? I will go home, because I don't know you!"

Nick used Vince's profile to his advantage in a number of ways -- like hyping up Nick No.1 to other players and trying to test Kai's loyalty -- but Daniel believes he could have done "so much more."

"I have my beef with Nick, we all know this to be true. I'm ready to like rip his head off his body, but I just feel like he could have been more strategic," explained Daniel, who built and stayed loyal to different alliances than Nick. "How about it, MIT? I didn't see it. I was like what did you gain from this? What did we gain?"

"But he's a big ole clown. I didn't like Vince, I didn't like Nick, it just made sense," he added. "Nick, if you're watching... this is a direct call out." 

Only time will tell if Nick and Daniel will be able to sort out their differences. Keep streaming The Circle on Netflix to find out what twists and turns will take over the game next! New episodes drop Wednesday, Sept. 22, ahead of the highly-anticipated finale on Sept. 29.