The Chicks Forced To Postpone Tour Dates Due To Natalie Maines’ Vocal Health

The Chicks
Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images

The band announced the news on Monday.

The Chicks are taking a short rest. The band took to Twitter Monday night to reveal that, due to a doctor's orders, they have to postpone the next three dates on their tour.

"As a result of strict doctor’s orders for vocal rest, the Chicks are forced to postpone the following shows," the group announced, listing off their engagements in Noblesville, Indiana, Cincinnati, Ohio and Clarkston, Michigan. The announcement further stated that all three shows have been rescheduled for late September and earlier October.

"The Chicks apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you all at the new dates," the post continued. Additionally, Patty Griffin will serve as The Chicks' opening act at the rescheduled performances.

The postponement decision comes one day after The Chicks had to cancel a show in Indianapolis that had already begun due to a health emergency suffered by lead singer Natalie Maines.

The Chicks reportedly stopped a concert approximately 30 minutes in due to Maines' vocal health, which she has yet directly addressed, Variety reports.

According to the outlet, Maines told the crowd shortly before having to cancel the performance that she was being treated for some sort of vocal malady and had taken a steroid shot to be able to perform, but that it had not kicked in yet.

The band later apologized on Twitter, writing, "Indianapolis, we are so sorry we could not give you the show you deserved OR the show we wanted to give you," the statement reads. "We will be back Indianapolis!! Hold onto your tickets."

The Chicks' 2022 Tour just kicked off June 14 in Saint Louis, Missouri.