The Best Kitchen Tools To Help Your Groceries Last Longer: Shop Vacuum Sealers, Storage Containers and More

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Kitchen Tools That Can Help Your Groceries Last Longer

Having the right kitchen tools like storage containers and vacuum sealing bags will allow you to save money in the long run on food. While inflation is finally going down since the pandemic, albeit slowly, food prices are still remaining sky high. It's easy to feel the strain on your wallet after grocery shopping for yourself and your family even with coupon-clipping and browsing the sale pages of your local stores. But what if you could save money by not letting any purchased food go to waste?

It happens to all of us, you buy that bag of salad mix and once you're ready for that fresh, healthy meal it's already gone bad, making yet another pricey trip to the grocery store necessary. According to CBS News, this is a common problem with the average household losing $1,800 per year by throwing out food before they've got a chance to eat it. The solution to the problem: Keeping your food fresh as long as possible. 

We've scoured the internet for money-saving tips and TikTok-approved gadgets to help your groceries stay fresher, longer. From growing your own herbs so they're extra fresh to vacuum sealing and freezing your raw meat, we've got solutions that will keep your precious grocery money out of the trash bin.

Find ways to store perishable foods, like veggies and fruit, longer so they last until you're ready to eat them. Below, we've rounded up the best kitchen tools to help you save money.

Blend your overly-ripe fruit into smoothies in an instant with this high-powered, professional blender from Ninja. Not only does it come with the traditional blender jar, but it also comes with convenient cups that can go directly on the blender. 


You'll love this pantry storage set. Food will stay fresh and dry in these storage containers.


The fresher the food, the longer it lasts. Now you can grow your own herbs and pick them as your need them.


According to FoodSaver, you can prevent freezer burn and have frozen food last five times longer when you vacuum seal your fresh items. The vacuum sealing process also keeps things nice and compact to save space in the fridge. 


With experience in designing and developing silicone textiles, founder Kat Nouri provides a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics with Stasher's patented, self-sealing platinum silicone bags. 


According to FreshPaper, these reusable, recyclable and compostable sheets keep produce fresher two to four times longer. Simply place it in with your produce and replace it when the maple scent fades.


Dishwasher safe and microwave safe, these airtight glass containers can help seal in the freshness of your fruits and veggies. You'll get 12 storage containers, making them great for meal prep or storing leftovers. 


Sometimes food goes bad because we simply don't have the time to cook it. Change that with the Instant Pot which can cook meals up to 70% faster than traditional methods. Save $20 on the only multi-cooker with the quietest steam release, step-by-step cooking instructions on a large LCD display, and a clear cooking progress bar for real-time feedback.


One-pot cooking means there are fewer dishes to clean, plus the lid and removable stoneware are dishwasher safe. Throw in your veggies and meat that only have a few days left for a quick and easy meal.


Constantly throwing out leftovers? Cook them to perfection, in this kitchen counter device that can air fry, broil, roast, dehydrate, bake and reheat with little to no preheating time so your food can go from cold to golden in minutes. 


In this starter set, you'll get four airtight storage containers and a vacuum sealing device that pulls all the air out. The lightweight containers are stain and odor proof. 


Reduce food waste and plastic use when you use these Food Huggers. Simply slip the silicone cover on avocados, cut fruit and partially eaten veggies to keep them fresh longer. 


Made with special lids with built-in filters, these Rubbermaid containers are designed specially for produce. The filters keep the optimal balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen to keep your fruit and vegetables happy. 


The Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit is easy to use and a fun project for families, but the best part about this mushroom log is that you'll always have fresh mushrooms on hand.



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