'The Bachelorette': Tayshia Sends a Fan Favorite Home on the Most Emotional Episode in Franchise History

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Tayshia Adams in a wedding dress, JoJo Fletcher filling in for Chris Harrison and Noah and Bennett going head to head -- it all happened this week on The Bachelorette

After threatening to send guys home for questioning her integrity, cutting the cocktail party short and heading straight to the rose ceremony last week, Tayshia was ready to start this week fresh. In ET's exclusive clip from Tuesday's episode, Tayshia admitted to JoJo that she's "falling for multiple people" -- and wanted to make sure she handles it all properly. 

JoJo warned Tayshia not to self-sabotage during the process, and it seems like she takes her advice. In an interview with ET last month, Tayshia said she really "leaned into the journey" and got vulnerable... and fell in love with multiple people as a result. 

Tuesday's episode was no doubt a part of that, as the men got emotional. In fact, we're going to call this the most emotional episode in Bachelor franchise history. Zac opened up about his struggle with addiction, Ben revealed he battled an eating disorder for 15 years, and Tayshia sent home a fan favorite

ET was live blogging each step of Tayshia's journey -- scroll down for minute-by-minute updates of everything that went down. 

We Demand Next Week's Episode

7:00 PM:

Next week, things blow up! 

JoJo brings in a lie detector, Zac admits he's cheated in a relationship, Tayshia starts questioning things, Brendan admits he might not be ready for this, and Riley starts crying. 


What's In the Box?

6:59 PM:

Tayshia tells Bennett that by him making these comments about Noah, he's essentially questioning her integrity. He doesn't agree -- but we don't get to see what comes next because Tayshia asks, "WHAT'S IN THE BOX?"

Getting to the Bottom of It

6:57 PM:

Tayshia tells the guys she likes them both, has feelings for them both, but she's frustrated. 

"I'm over the pettiness of this drama that's taking place. I just want to get to the bottom of it," she says. 

Bennett and Noah agree -- but Bennett says he had no idea there was tension. Noah immediately goes at him for his comments at the last cocktail party. 

He tells Tayshia that Bennett said there was a zero percent chance he'd end up with her. Bennett tries to clear it up, and Tayshia is not impressed. 

"This sounds like teenage boy drama," she says. "Why hasn't this been taken care of?" 

Love You Up

6:56 PM:

"I'm not trying to belittle you. I'm trying to love you up," Bennett insists -- but Noah isn't having it. 

"I am fully aware of everything that I am," Bennett says, very creepily. "Change nothing, see how far it gets you." 

"I think I'm going to find out tonight," Noah says. "I think it was just another smug way to say what you really wanted to say." 

We are ready to love up this two-on-one. We are OVER IT. Thank the lord Tayshia is here. 

Another Trick! And Hello, Taylor Nolan!

6:55 PM:

The gift is multiple gifts, Bennett says. First, it's a red bandana to symbolize Noah's background and how Bennett hopes they don't have bad blood. 

Then, he presents him with mustache socks that have been washed. He wants to remind him to only wear a mustache on his feet. 

Then, he whips out a BOOK ON EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Is this from Taylor Nolan? Have producers been keeping this for three years? Bennett lists the qualities of emotional intelligence, and we think he actually read the book. 

He tells Noah emotional intelligence is something he needs to work on, but it's OK. He didn't have it at his age either. This gift is a farce! Another trick! 

A Gift

6:52 PM:

Noah and Bennett arrive for their impromptu two-on-one, and Noah is confident Bennett is going home. 

They make awkward small talk, and Bennett presents a gift to Noah. "I've been a peacemaker all my life," Bennett tells the camera, insisting he didn't mean to start any beef. 

"It's for you, I'd like to explain it to you," he tells Noah. 

Two Men, One Rose (But in JoJo's Words)

6:46 PM:

JoJo is back, looking 30, flirty and fabulous. Noah checks his hair in the mirror and JoJo calls him out and we love her for it. 

A woman of the people! 

She tells the guys to gather. And then she says Tayshia has delayed the cocktail party. She's concerned about the tension between Noah and Bennett. "I'm equally as perplexed as Tayshia, to some degree," Bennett says. 

"At this point, it isn't possible to keep both of you here. She would like to see both you here tonight, before the cocktail party. ... One of you will stay, and one of you will go home," JoJo says. 

Not as excited as the "two men, one rose, one stays, one goes" date card we were expecting, but we'll take it. Also, hooray JoJo! Love that girl!


6:42 PM:

The next morning, the men are eating salads out of to-go containers and we are wondering where they're from. Catering? A local salad place in Palm Springs? We would like to know! 


Sad Eazy

6:37 PM:

Eazy's suitcase is rolled out of the house and the guys are almost as SHOOK as we are. 

"What just happened? It went from great to goodbye in no time," Eazy says, with tears welling up in his eyes.

"I thought that this was who I was supposed to end up with, and it would be the love of my life and everything would be great. I don't know if I've ever been more disappointed. Oh man," he shares. 

Sad Eazy. 

Operation Warp Speed

6:36 PM:

Tayshia asks to walk Eazy out. 

"Tayshia, is this real?" a sullen Eazy asks as they walk. 

"Yeah," Tayshia softly replied.

"Are you sure?" he asks, to Tayshia's "I am."

This is all happening so fast!!!

Beaming. Not Beaming.

6:35 PM:

"I feel as though -- I've always asked everyone to be their true, authentic self, and to be real and honest and vulnerable and open, and you have done that time and time again," Tayshia tells Eazy. "You've just been so good. You're a solid, good man, and I feel like you deserve so much."

She picks up the rose, and Eazy beams. Now he's not beaming. 

"Unfortunately, I can't give you this rose, because I'm not there, where you are, and I don't know if I can get there," Tayshia says. "The last thing I want to do is for you to continue to pour yourself out and one day send you home at a rose ceremony when I can't even explain to you how amazing you are. Because you're truly amazing."

Pulling a Clare

6:34 PM:

All of the sudden Eazy starts pulling a Clare and talking about "when you know, you know." Uh oh. 

"I honestly feel like I"m falling in love with you, and that's real," he says, as Tayshia gives him the coldest face we've ever seen. She is not smiling, and we're thinking she's not into it, and now we're worried for him. 

Back at the house, the guys talk about how "natural" Eazy's chemistry is with Tayshia. Sigh. 

Match Her Energy

6:33 PM:

It's time for dinner at.... midnight? This was filmed in the summer, so the date probably started at 9 p.m. and now we are spending too long trying to figure out what time it is. 

Moving on! Eazy gets ready to spill his heart, and we're so impressed by the lighting department (back to thinking about what time it is). Tayshia and Eazy look great, and we are loving this back and forth. He tells her he's here to match her energy, and she loves that. 


6:27 PM:

This date is scaring the sh*t out of us, but at least Eazy and Tayshia are having a good time. He calls it a "cute a** date" before they head into the library -- where Mr. Morgan's spirit is the most active. 

We are ready for this date to be over. Can they have fake dinner already? Something breaks, Tayshia and Eazy scream, and we are trying not to look at these creepy photos. 

Finally Tayshia runs the f**k out of there, and this date wraps up. 

"All I know is we made it out alive!" Eazy says as Tayshia says it's time for dinner. Hallelujah!


6:24 PM:

Tayshia and Eazy approach the haunted hotel room and we are already squirming. They head inside, get spooked and scream. 

THERE IS A DOLL. WHY IS THERE A DOLL. NOW THERE IS A LETTER. Tayshia thinks she peed her pants and we don't know how we are this scared after watching this on The Bachelorette. Why?!??!

Haunted This B**ch

6:23 PM:

Eazy and Tayshia are going to explore haunted La Quinta (we guess Clare was right?!?! Remember that from her one and only date with Dale?) but first, Tayshia has to give Eazy a scare. 

This night vision is giving us paranormal activity vibes, and we're not pleased that it's already dark outside. We hate daylight savings!! 

Tayshia whips out all her ghost hunting equipment and tells Eazy a spooky story about the wealthy oil dude, William Morgan, and how he haunted this b**ch. 

We Won't Say It

6:21 PM:

After that TRULY WONDROUS Matt James promo, it's back to the Bachelorette, and talking about Blake's ... sculpture. We said we wouldn't repeat it and WE WON'T. 

Luckily we are all moving past that as it's time for Eazy's date. He hopes they take a monumental step in their relationship, and Tayshia loves how he makes her laugh. She's looking forward to progressing romantically, so we'll see how it goes. 

Bennett and Noah Are Fighting Again

6:14 PM:

The guys aren't waiting for Tayshia to hash it out with them. Bennett and Noah start right away. 

"Potentially both of them could go home," Ivan says, as Bennett and Noah continue fighting. 

Up next -- Tayshia and Eazy's spooky date, the two-on-one we've been expecting and Tayshia calling both Noah and Bennett "ridiculous." Tell them, sis!! 

Time for the Rose ... and a WARNING

6:11 PM:

Tayshia returns to the group, and praises the men for their honesty. 

She calls out Riley, Brendan and Ben. "With that said, Ben, would you accept this rose?" she asks. 

"That rose meant more to me than anyone at that table," he tells the camera. We hope Sad/ Nervous Ben is now Happy Ben. Fingers crossed. We need that for him. 

Before ending the night, Tayshia issues a warning. "Noah and Bennett, there's something going on between the two of you, and I'm going to get to the bottom of it, one way or another," she says. 

Ben Dives Deep

6:10 PM:

Ben heads off with Tayshia, and dives deep into why he is the way he is. 

"The life I've lived is different than what you might assume," he says. "I don't want to lay all this on you, but the reason I'm in fitness and nutrition -- I had an eating disorder for 15 years."

"I found out what girls were when I was 15, I realized they don't like the fat kid. So, I stopped eating, I started working out all the time, lost like, 70 pounds, and had bulimia for like, 10 years when I was in my 20s," he continues. "It's hard to hide something for so long. I kept it from everybody."

Ben says that the only person who knows about his eating disorder struggles is his sister, who he credits with saving his life. "I'm finally at a place now where I feel safe and comfortable," he expresses. "I care a great deal about this, it's just hard for me to let it out." 

Back to the Drama

6:09 PM:

Remember two minutes ago when we were talking about everyone getting along? That's over. 

Bennett brings up Noah's stunt at the cocktail party, and he says he's over the "chirpy remarks." Ah, back to the drama.


6:07 PM:

Eazy's date card arrives -- and he's hoping it'll be the "most romantic in Bachelorette history." 

Instead, it seems like things are going to get a little spooky. Spooky season is still here!

Everyone Is Getting Along

6:07 PM:

Not only is Tayshia impressed, but the guys are impressed by each other -- and we love when everyone gets along! 

Really, we mean it (for the next 20 minutes)! 

We Need More Riley

6:04 PM:

At the night part of the date, Tayshia says she's still speechless. "I don't know what else I can ask for," she tells them, asking to keep the momentum going. 

Riley takes Tayshia away for a chat first, and we have not seen enough of him lately. He opens up about how scary it was to open up during the art date. He lived with his father after his parent's divorce, and it drove a wedge between him and his mother. She later reached out, and they connected. 

"Riley's incredible. He's attractive and smart and sweet and thoughtful. He's all of the above," Tayshia gushes to the camera. "He's really been coming out of his shell. I'm really excited about the direction we're going." 

Ben Gets Naked

6:01 PM:

Ben disappears when it's his turn, but comes back a minute later in a robe.. then takes it off. 

"I'm going to give this all to you, this physical body, and also everything inside," he tells Tayshia. "I'm so excited to share that with you." 

Tayshia gets emotional and runs off. She cries behind the camera, noting how deep every man got. "You did it, I officially broke down," she tells the men when she returns. "The fact that you guys just did that and were just so honest, I'm like, the luckiest girl in the world to even have you guys... I can't choose one person. I just want to hang out with all of you tonight, if that's OK." 


5:56 PM:

The guys are getting very creative with their projects and we're thinking about all the art projects we could've done but didn't do in quarantine. 

Brendan is so cute with his self portrait -- a frame that could include Tayshia, and and Bennett reveals he didn't grow up with privilege. Our fav boi, Ivan, made a puzzle and opens up about his dad's cancer battles. "I'm hoping by the end of this, we can put this last puzzle piece together," he shares. 

Sad Ben is DEFINITELY Nervous Ben right now as the men eloquently bare their souls. Blake opens up about his rough childhood and how he's determined to give his kids a better experience. 

Riley talks about his estrangement from his mother, and how he dreams of having a house full of love and a daughter he can spend quality time with. 

"I feel so humbled by them right now. I've been asking them to be themselves, be authentic, be true... They got that, and way more," Tayshia says, with tears in her eyes. 

Nervous Ben

5:47 PM:

Bennett and Noah exchange barbs from across the room before the group are challenged to Part 3 of the date: a self-portrait. 

Tayshia wants the guys to get vulnerable, and whoever impresses her will get some one-on-one time. The guys are freaking out, and Sad Ben is now Nervous Ben. "I'm not sure I can do this," he tells the camera. 

50 Shades

6:46 PM:

Things get a little "50 Shades of Clay" when they put on their blindfolds -- and Bennett takes the opportunity to smooch Tayshia. 

Blake takes it to the red room, however, when he sculpts a penis. Yeah, that's right. We said what we said and we will not repeat it. 


5:42 PM:

Bennett somehow tricks Noah out of his seat (another trick!) so he can be next to Tayshia. 

The group starts drawing, and it's... to be expected. It's not exactly Leo in Titanic level, we'll say that.

Bennett makes little digs at Noah which are subtle but totally obvious at the same time -- and the guys are worried it's going to bother Tayshia. 

No time to think about that, because clay is here so the men can get tactile. 

Thank You!

5:40 PM:

It's time for the group date -- and Tayshia wants the men to express themselves. 

They head into the La Quinta multipurpose room, where two naked people are hugging up on each other. 

The men freak out, worried they're going to have to get naked once again. But they're wrong! Tricks! Halloween was a month ago, but tricks are still happening! 

Tayshia tells the guys it's about art. They'll be sketching "the human form in romantic embrace." 

"Thank you, thank you thank you! We don't have to worry about getting naked in front of everybody," Demar says. 


5:35 PM:

To end this mini movie, Bachelor producers set up a ferris wheel. It's beautiful and wonderful and Tayshia says she's falling for Zac. 


Zac Is a Screenwriter

5:33 PM:

Back at the date, Tayshia says Zac matches up with someone she wants in a partner. 

"I appreciate you opening up so much with me tonight. The face that you are able to be vulnerable with me means a lot," she says, before giving Zac the rose. 

They kiss. "It's a powerful message that you can go through so much and still come out with a huge smile, living life to its fullest extent," she tells the camera. 

"I believe in miracles," Zac adds. "I shouldn't be sitting here. So, if I know I'm a miracle, who is to tell me that I can't come on a TV show in the middle of a pandemic and find love with someone as amazing as Tayshia? No one. I won't let them." 

Wow, is Zac a screenwriter? Did that sound like it came out of a movie. Yes, yes it did. 


5:31 PM:

The next date card is here, and it's a group date. 

Everyone's names are on it besides Eazy -- so he gets the one-on-one.

"If anybody was going to get it, I wanted it to be him," sad (maybe happy?) Ben says, as Eazy beams. 


5:30 PM:

Zac remembers stealing one of his dad's checks to cash, but the bank teller called his father. 

He arrived, grabbed his arm, and Zac got some clarity. He was in rehab for four months, and is now on the board of that rehab. 

"Did you have to do a lot of work for [your family] to trust you again?" Tayshia asks. 

"They wanted me to get well, but they knew they had already tried," he explains. 

Tayshia calls it a miracle that Zac is sitting with her today, and he agrees. 

"I knew there was more too you... I wanted to get to know that," she says. "So, thank you." 


5:27 PM:

Zac tells Tayshia about finding out after college that he had a brain tumor. 

"As a result of the surgery, I was introduced to pain medication, drugs," he says. 

He decided to get married, but was still drinking and doing drugs. "I was hanging out with sketchy people... got arrested, but a DUI, and my wife left me," Zac reveals. 

Over the next eight months, Zac sunk into a deep hole, where it was "touch and go," he says. "I was hopeless." 

Get Deep

5:25 PM:

It's time for dinner, and now what we've finished our bag of sour gummy worms, Tayshia and Zac can sit down for their fake meal. 

"We got married -- almost everything you wanted to do," Zac jokes. 

Tayshia tells Zac she wants to know more about him, and we have a feeling this is going to get deep. 


5:21 PM:

Tayshia and Zac sit down for a little chat after the photo shoot, and he tells Tayshia he was also married before. 

"I think it's cool you used to be married, actually. I feel like you probably have a better grasp as to what you do want in your next one," she says. 

Tayshia can't quite get a read on what Zac is thinking, and he tells her she's breathtaking. "Sometimes when I look at you, I have to do a little double take," he whispers. 

They're connecting -- but the real test will be OVER DINNER. Thank the lord for commercials because we need to look up trampolines. 

Hamming It Up

5:18 PM:

Tayshia tells the camera that she tried to envision Zac at the altar with her ... and it didn't scare her "at all." 

Now, she's starting to get more comfortable with the date, hamming it up with Zac in different outfits. 

They're jumping on a trampoline and we wish we thought to buy one when it was still Cyber Monday. Is Cyber Tuesday a thing? Can it be, please? 


5:17 PM:

Tayshia finally comes out, and she looks STUNNING! 

"How are you feeling?" Zac asks. 

"I'm feeling good," Tayshia replies -- but she's not convincing. 

Zac tries to reassure Tayshia, but it only gets more awkward when they get in position. She feels uncomfortable putting on the veil, but appreciates Zac for being there for her. 


5:13 PM:

The photographer wants Tayshia and Zac to get in the mood, and she tries, but Zac can already tell she's "shook." 

"Are you ready to put on a wedding dress?" he asks her. 

"It'll be interesting," she replies. 

Tayshia's clearly in her head as she looks through the dresses. "My heart is pounding... wedding photos, they speak about an important time, so it's a big deal," she says. 

"I'm looking a tuxedo, and ... it was about me and her," Zac says. "This is all completely insane." 


5:11 PM:

Tayshia's excited for today's date, even though Zac's not the "typical guy" she goes after. He's mature and intrigues Tayshia. 

The Bachelorette meets up with her date outside, and admits she's a bit "nervous" -- because the date has them shooting wedding photos. 

"I hope today, we can make new, fun memories for me," she says, noting she used to be married. 

Good With the Bad

5:07 PM:

The date goes to Zac, who knows he's going to have to open up to Tayshia. 

"I want her to understand who I really am," he tells the camera. "I'm trusting Tayshia that she's going to take the good with the bad, and I'm willing to take a risk." 

Bye, Chris!

5:06 PM:

Now we catch up with the guys for a hit minute, before Chris Harrison appears, telling the guys he's heading out for a few days to take his son to college. 

"I'd love to introduce you guys to JoJo!" he says, as JoJo walks in. 

"I am a former Bachelorette. I've gone through this... it's a whirlwind," she says. "But at the end of it, I found love." 

JoJo tells the men that she's there for them if they need her, but for now, here's a date card! 


5:05 PM:

Despite her feelings, Tayshia assures JoJo she's not looking to rush into anything. She's been married before, and doesn't want to get engaged just because she's feeling it in the moment. 

JoJo encourages her not to self-sabotage, but praises her for taking this process seriously. 

Multiple People

5:02 PM:

The episode kicks off with Tayshia getting breakfast ready at her suite. She's anxious about this process, and needs some advice. 

So, JoJo's here to give it to her! Our girl is here with champagne in hand and we feel happier to see her than Tayshia. 

"You just got thrown into this!" JoJo says. "Give me everything!" 

Tayshia admits she's falling for multiple people, and having trouble juggling it all. 

Tayshia Takes Control

5:00 PM:

We're gearing up for a Bennett-Noah face-off, but we've got a lot to get through before that. 

Eazy teases he's falling in love, Zac and Ben appear to make big reveals and Tayshia takes control. 

Let's see it!

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more in the video below. 


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