'The Bachelor': Zach Shallcross Reveals How Sean Lowe Alleviated His Pre-Show Fears (Exclusive)

The tech executive's journey for love will kick off on Jan. 23.

Sean Lowe's love story makes Zach Shallcross believe in the power of The Bachelor. Only Entertainment Tonight was at the Bachelor Mansion just before Zach welcomed 30 women on his journey for love, and the 26-year-old tech executive revealed how a former franchise lead allayed his fears about the road ahead.

"He's happily married [with] three kids," Zach told ET's Denny Directo of Sean, who married Catherine Giudici in 2014, the year after his season of The Bachelor aired. The couple has since welcomed three children: Samuel, 6, Isaiah, 4, and Mia, 3.

"He found his best friend," Zach said. "... There is that worry that sometimes it doesn't work out, but when you see someone like Sean have such a successful, happy, healthy relationship, I was like, 'All right, it's real. It can happen.'"

Sean was on hand when Zach was announced as the season 27 lead, and has been there for him in the weeks since.

"I spent a day with Sean and he kind of [talked] me through how to be a Bachelor 'cause it’s so new to me," Zach said. "He is a great guy, a great friend. He really showed me the ropes. We did talk quite a bit."

As Zach prepared for the limo arrivals, he admitted that the reality of the situation had yet to hit him.

"I don't know when it really will [sink in]," he told ET. "It still feels so surreal and just kind of like a dream, but I'm just, like, excited for it, just want to start it already. It's the anticipation... I'm pinching myself every day."

Throughout his journey, Zach, who vied for Rachel Recchia's heart on The Bachelorette, said he's laser-focused on "finding my best friend, finding that forever person."

"I think it can actually happen," he said. "I've seen it happen. I've lived it. It's real. There's love here."

As for what he's looking for in his love, Zach told ET that it's all about "compassion, kindness, and someone that likes to just have fun, just be spontaneous, likes to travel, do anything, but also just hang out on the couch."

When it comes to a relationship deal-breaker, Zach was quick to reveal that, for him, that's someone who's "talking or texting in a movie theater or just [while] watching a movie."

"I've been on a date where someone was texting and talking during the movie constantly and I was like, '[We've] got to end it. We're done,'" he recalled.

With the exception of any movie texters, Zach hopes that his women will be able to fully be themselves throughout the season, even when it's hard.

"I want them to all feel comfortable. I know it’s never gonna be easy, but I wanna make this as easy as I can for them to feel natural and feel [like] themselves," he said, before advising them to "show your emotion. Always communicate how you're feeling throughout the whole journey. Even though it's tough, you have to be vulnerable."

Season 27 of The Bachelor premieres Monday, Jan. 23 on ABC. Stay up to date on all the drama with ET's coverage of Zach Shallcross' journey for love.