'The Act' Star Chloë Sevigny Reacts to Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Prison Release: 'That's a Complicated Question'

'That's a complicated question,' the actress admitted.

Chloë Sevigny is weighing in on Gypsy Rose Blanchard's freedom. During the latest edition of ELLE's "Ask Me Anything" video series, the 49-year-old actress reacted to Gypsy's December release from prison, which came eight years after she pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard.

Chloë was posed the question due her involvement in The Act, the scripted Hulu series that follows the events leading up to 2015, when Gypsy asked her then-boyfriend, Nicholas "Nick" Godejohn, to kill her mother after she suffered years of abuse due to Munchausen by proxy, a rare disorder in which a guardian exaggerates or induces illness in a child for attention and sympathy. 

On the show, Chloë played Mel, a fictionalized version of the Blanchards' real-life neighbor, Amy Pinegar.

"Oh, that's a complicated question," Chloë admitted of how she feels now that Gypsy is free. "I thought it was nice to see that Gypsy Rose had come to New York and was enjoying Times Square and enjoying her life. I mean, she grew up with so much suffering. What her mother did to her is just shocking and appalling and I don't even have words for it. So I'm glad that she is learning how to own herself, and finding some joy and love in life."

Chloë did offer one caveat, noting of Gypsy, "She's still guilty of murder, but other than that..."

Joey King, who starred as Gypsy in The Act, previously spoke out about Gypsy's release, telling photographers, "I'm so happy that she's released. I'm so happy for her. She deserves freedom." 

ET spoke to Gypsy and her husband, Ryan Anderson, following her release, and she revealed if she has plans to watch the Hulu series.

"I have not watched The Act, no. I don't plan on watching it," she said. "I lived it. For me, looking for things that weren't correct or that were inaccurate, that's neither here nor there for me."

Instead, Gypsy explained, "I'm doing this docuseries [The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard] to share my truth of the actual events that took place. I'm not trying to Hollywood it up, I'm just trying to share my story in the truest of lights."



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