Teresa Giudice Reveals How Much Sex She and Husband Louie Ruelas Have Daily

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Teresa Giudice isn't shy about her attraction to her husband! During a Q&A at the Live! Casino and Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star said she and Louie Ruelas had sex five times a day on their European honeymoonThe City Pulse's Whitney Ullman, who attended the event and posted videos from it, reported.

As for how often they have sex while not on their honeymoon, Giudice said in the video that it happens "definitely every day, twice a day. Morning and at night."

"If he gets me during the day, that's three," she joked. "We're very sexual. And I love it, because when you love someone, you want to be that way with them."

"I can't keep my hands off of him, he can't keep his hands off of me," Giudice added. "I can't keep my tongue out of his mouth, he can't keep his tongue out of my mouth. I'm gonna leave it at that."

Giudice noted that she and her husband are "very hot and steamy," something she thinks is necessary for a successful marriage.

"I think that's the way you have to be. I'm really so attracted to him, vice versa, and I love every minute of it," she gushed. "You have to be! Otherwise, why would I get married?"

The pair tied the knot earlier this month at the Park Chateau Estate & Gardens in East Brunswick, New Jersey. 

"The wedding was stunning. It went until 1 a.m. and was filled with love," a source told ET after the nuptials. "After the wedding ceremony, there was a 2-hour cocktail time filled with all kinds of food. Every cheese, seafood, pasta, literally everything. Then the party was moved into a room that was over-the-top gorgeous with so many flowers, chandeliers."

As for how she's feeling now as a newly married woman, Giudice said on her Namaste B&tches podcast that she's "still in la la land... still in my love bubble."

"Louie and I felt the love [at our wedding]," she said. "It was so powerful, so transparent. It moved us so much. That's what I wanted, and I got what I wanted."


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