Tayla Burke, My Girl Wellness Founder, Dishes on the Importance of Gut Health and Self-Care

Tayla Burke
My Girl Wellness

My Girl Wellness Founder Tayla Burke shares her top self-care practices and more with ET.

Gut goals! Tayla Burke has been working in the world of wellness since 2019 when she first became a health coach. The businesswoman entered the space after embarking on her own self-care journey and finding out what really works. 

"In my college years, I very quickly realized that I felt my absolute best when I took the time to slow down, listen to what my body was asking for and give it what it needed. ... That feeling is what inspired me to dedicate my life to wellness and start a business with the sole mission of helping other women reach the other side that has been so good to me," she tells ET.

The company Burke created, My Girl Wellness, is a community that provides everything from gut health solutions, relatable wellness tips and more. 

"The inspiration behind My Girl came from my own personal experiences navigating everything it means to be a woman from the good, the bad, and the not so cute parts. For as long as I can remember, I craved a safe space where I could connect with like-minded women, share my most intimate experiences and questions, and even learn from others," she explains.

My Girl Wellness

The brand's debut line, The Better Belly System, made up of three supplements to help with gut health, was also influenced by Burke's personal struggles. 

"I was the girl who was always bloated, sluggish, and constipated no matter how healthy I ate. ... It wasn’t until I crossed paths with a world renowned microbiologist, that I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. For a year, I worked hand in hand with his team to formulate the first three-step system for supporting our guts' every need," she says. 

The products, which can be used on their own or together, help with easing stomach discomfort and symptoms of GI disorders, ridding bloat and food sensitivities, kicking constipation, eliminating harmful toxins from the body, and more. 

"It used to be the case that when people heard the term gut health, they immediately thought of its relationship to the digestive process, but it is so much more than that," the health expert shares.

"The gut has been coined our second brain because it plays a heavy role in just about every aspect of your well-being including brain and heart health, mood, anxiety and energy levels, sleep patterns, cognitive function, skin appearance, immunity and more," she adds.

Other than adding My Girl Wellness' products into your routine, Burke says incorporating healthy foods and lifestyle habits can make all the difference.

My Girl Wellness

"Nourish your gut by focusing on protein, healthy fats, and fiber-filled whole foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics, and eliminate or cut back on processed foods filled with artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils and additives that cause gut inflammation."

"Stack some form of movement with your lunch break or after dinner. ... A quick walk after a meal also works wonders for your digestion," Burke suggests.

"Reducing stress levels in whatever way that means to you will also benefit your gut’s ability to do what it does best, and don’t underestimate how much a good night's sleep can support a healthy gut and repair inflammation in the body," the wellness guru notes. 

Her personal self-care regimen consists of these tips and more, including solo day dates. 

"As a new mom giving 110 percent to my child, it’s so easy to lose sight of yourself, so one of my favorite new practices has been taking myself on what I’ve been calling my little me dates. ... Last weekend, I walked to a coffee shop for my favorite iced vanilla latte and took it down to the beach with a picnic blanket and a great podcast episode. It was so simple, but it was just the thing I needed to reset," she spills.