Sylvester Stallone Reacts to Adele Buying His Mansion and Keeping 'Rocky' Statue

The 'Expendables' star recently opened up about Adele buying and gutting his mega-mansion.

Not only is Adele keeping the iconic Rocky statue near the pool at the mansion she recently bought from Sylvester Stallone, but it also turns out the statue was actually a dealbreaker when it came to getting the house in the first place.

The action star recently opened up to WSJ. Magazine for an installment in their "My Monday Morning" series, and reflected on selling the property, located in Beverly Park in Los Angeles, on a 3.6-acre lot featuring scenic views.

When asked about why he didn't want to take the statue -- which depicts his iconic character, boxer Rocky Balboa -- with him when he moved, Stallone admitted, "I did!" But Adele wasn't having it.

"But she said, 'That’s a no deal. That’s gonna blow the whole deal,'" Stallone recalled. "She wanted the statue."

Adele reportedly bought the home last year for $58 million -- a significant saving from the home's original listing price of $110 million, which Stallone then reduced to $80 million before selling to Adele.

Now, Adele is top-to-bottom renovating the sprawling mansion. As seen in photos of the estate earlier this month, construction is already well underway, with the mansion essentially gutted and stripped down to the bones. In fact, the renovation project has -- at this point -- taken off the entire second story of the mansion and knocked down basically every wall.

"I like what she’s doing," Stallone told the publication of the renovations the songstress has planned. "She’s making it gorgeous."

In his interview, Stallone also shared some other insights into his life and personal philosophy, including the best bit of advice he's ever gotten, that he took to heart.

"You don't have to beat up on yourself. The world will beat up on you enough. Give yourself a break," Stallone explained. "I try to really see life with the eye of the tiger and a real sense of humor. It's not easy, but without humor, this is not a fun place."

He also reflected on one of his most famous friendships -- his connection with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"I try to find laughs when they’re not in abundance. Sometimes it gets a little irritating and people tell me, shut up. It’s like with me and Arnold. We have this caustic sense of humor, and we go at each other nonstop," Stallone reflected. "I almost covet a good enemy. He really brings out the best of you."

"[Back in the day], we couldn’t breathe the same air. But that made us work harder," Stallone added. "And then we eventually realized we’re pretty much cut from the same cloth -- even though his cloth is more like itchy wool. I'm like silk."