Sunday Forever Founder Ashli Stockton Shares Her Weekly Self-Care Routine and Wellness Must-Haves

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Ashli Stockton
Sunday Forever

Sunday Forever founder Ashli Stockton sat down with ET to reveal her self-care essentials and weekly wellness routine.

Say goodbye to Sunday scaries! Ashli Stockton, founder of Sunday Forever, a luxury lifestyle brand offering original fashion, beauty, and wellness products, sat down with ET to reveal her self-care essentials.

Stockton, who launched the New York City-based company in 2016, wanted to create a one-stop shop for everyday wellness necessities. 

"The name Sunday Forever came from that all-too-familiar feeling of pre-Monday dread; the Sunday Scaries. … Sunday shouldn't be a day clouded by anxiety — it’s a beautiful day for relaxation and self-care, a chance to just chill a little," she says. 

Sunday Forever

As for her own regimen, Stockton explains, "I do my weekly everything shower ritual on Sundays. I go all out with a hair mask, face mask, a full body scrub, and I oil up from head to toe. Afterward, I slip into something comfortable, like our Sleepwalker gown or robe, and do a good blowout."

"Then I do my evening skincare routine and whip out the face roller and the retinol. It's like hitting a reset button and helps me feel a bit more prepared for the week ahead," she continues. 

And while Stockton's schedule can be hectic, she makes sure to find moments to prioritize herself every single day of the week. 

"I have a lot of hobbies that force me to stop and take a break. … I've learned, one too many times, that neglecting self-care leads to one place only — burnout. Carving out time for self-care is crucial because it recharges your body and mind, making you more effective, and happier, in every area of your life," she notes. 

"Every morning starts with me, my husband, and our pups just chilling in bed with our coffee. ... After that, I grab a quick breakfast, pop my supplements, and dive into a quick skincare routine," the businesswoman adds. 

Her other go-to practices: "I love caring for my plants and cooking a few times a week, and keeping our birds and other critters fed each morning. … I also do my own manicures and pedicures every couple of weeks and I've been doing Pilates for the past 15+ years," she shares.

Sunday Forever

When it comes to developing your own routine, Stockton recommends incorporating a few key must-haves to help you on your journey.

"We solve the problem of modern life's relentless pace by providing products that encourage relaxation and self-care. … Each product, whether it's our hand-poured candles, luxury niche perfumes, or our handmade lucky charm bracelets, is created with this ethos in mind: We're here to make every day feel a little bit better."