Stray Kids Share Who They're Most Excited to Meet at First VMAs (Exclusive)

The K-pop group also revealed which member will hold the Moon Person statue if they win!

The Stray Kids are more than ready to take the stage at their first-ever MTV Video Music Awards!

ET's Rachel Smith spoke with the chart-topping K-pop group on the pink carpet at Tuesday's awards show, where they opened up about which musical stars they couldn't wait to meet on the big night. Multiple members of the group shouted out Lil Wayne, while Bang Chan called out Olivia Rodrigo as a star he hoped to rub elbows with.

"And many more," he added. "We looked forward to these people while we were growing up, so to meet them here, it's a big honor."

Another member of the group, Hyunjin, was recently featured on the remix of Troye Sivan's single, "Rush," and Bang Chan helped translate as he explained what that experience meant to him.

"It was really, really good," he shared for his bandmate. "Growing up, he used to listen to Troye Sivan as well, and to actually collaborate with him is a big honor. He's really learned a lot from him."

The group is nominated for Best K-pop Video for their hit, "S-Class," and will also take the stage to perform the song for the VMAs crowd. While they're staying "hopeful" about a possible win, Felix assured that their stage show will satisfy both their STAY fanbase and new fans alike.

"This performance really brings out a lot of Stray Kids colors," he explained. "Definitely there's gonna be a lot of lighting, effects, there's gonna be a lot of dances. We can't wait to show our fans."

So, with eight members in the group, who will carry the Moon Person statue if the Stray Kids win?

"For us, it's always the youngest is most powerful," Bang Chan noted, pointing to I.N., the youngest of the group at 22. "So he's gonna take it home." 

The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards is coming to you live from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. Follow along at for full coverage from this year’s VMAs, including the complete list of the nominees and the night's big winners.