Stacey Dash and Elisa Donovan Dish on the Possibility of a 'Clueless' Remake (Exclusive)

The pair also shared where they think their beloved characters would be now.

We are totally buggin' out over the possibility of a Clueless remake.

ET's Rachel Smith spoke to Stacey Dash and Elisa Donovan at '90s Con over the weekend, where they opened up about the likelihood of getting the gang back together for another look at the '90s classic.

"That would be up to Amy," Dash said of the decision being down to the film's director, Amy Heckerling.

"Everybody seems to think that we have some sort of opinion or idea," Donovan added. "I certainly feel like there is a real desire from fans and the public to see that."

As for what a remake of the iconic film would look like, Donovan and Dash said they'd like to see the cast as adults.

"I mean, I think seeing them as adults and in their lives as grown-ups and with children or without children would be pretty hilarious," Donovan, who recently teamed up with Alicia Silverstone, for a Super Bowl spot based on the film, suggested.

"I think seeing them in the same community would be hilarious," Dash added, before confirming that she would ship that spin-on sequel, as long as Heckerling was on board.

The pair also shared what they think Dionne and Amber would be up to these days.

"She would be a fashion editor of a magazine," Dash said of her fashion-forward character. As for her skills behind the wheel, Dash said those haven't improved much over the last 28 years.

"She has a driver," Dionne quipped. "Actually, no she doesn't."

Amber, meanwhile, would be living her best life, Donovan surmised, with a large staff and several ex-husbands included.

"I would like to think that Amber was running a fashion line, but in true to form, she doesn't do that much work," Donovan said. "She would probably have a very large staff, and have a lot of people working for her, several ex-husbands."

While their '90s Com reunion is a special moment for both the cast and fans, Donovan and Dash couldn't help but reflect on a major member missing from the group, Brittany Murphy, who died suddenly in 2009 at the age of 32.

"She just had such a light and magical kind of spirit about her," Donovan recalled of the late actress. "She's so fiercely talented. I always describe her as like, a hummingbird. She was just kind of always fluttering. And she was the youngest of all of us, of the main cast. So, it always felt a little bit like -- I felt like her big sister almost."

"She had a contagious laugh," Dash added.

It's no surprise fans that nearly three decades later, fans still want more of Clueless, something the pair said comes down to the fashion.

"The fashion was a character. That's one of the things," Dash shared. "And the other thing is Amy's genius. The writing is impeccable. The acting is impeccable. The chemistry between all of us was impeccable. I mean, just Amy. Amy Heckerling. She's a genius."

"She really did create the entire package," Donovan added. "Anything that has that kind of longevity, it really is because the script and the direction, and everything kind of comes together. Everyone was really operating at their best, I think."