Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone are 'Forever BFFs' in 'Clueless' Reunion Video

Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone Clueless
CBS via Getty Images

The pair had fans in their feelings over the epic TikTok reunion.

As if! Stacey Dash teamed up with Alicia Silverstone to recite one of their iconic lines from the '90s classic, Clueless. Stepping back into their roles as Cher and Dionne, the "Forever BFFs" took to TikTok where they quickly got into character for the epic reunion.

Although they weren't dressed in their matching plaid skirt and jacket sets, the pair played the part, with Silverstone mimicking Cher's concerned smirk as she turns to Dash and asks, "Would you call me selfish?" to which Dash sassily replies, "No, not to your face."

They then break into dance as a TikTok mash-up of Ja Rule's "What's Luv?" plays in the background. Delivering another one of Dionne's signature lines, Dash says, "Well, there goes your social life," as she and Silverstone continue to move to the tune.

"Forever Cher & Dionne BFFS," Dash wrote over the video, shared Sunday.

Fans quickly took to the comments to praise the pair, with one user writing, "Yes. We need a Clueless remake. With y'all as the mothers. 🥰❤️🥰," and another commenting, "omg my childhood icons together again? yea my heart can’t take this."

Dash also gave her followers a behind-the-scenes look at how the reunion came to be, which went down at the Rhode Island Comic Con. The clip featured outtakes and plenty of laugh-out-loud bloopers from the pair's shoot, before they settled on the final 10-second video.

"It was so nice hanging out again @aliciasilverstone," Dash captioned the BTS clip.

While Dash isn't one to share a lot of Clueless snaps, Silverstone is no stranger to making TikToks dedicated to the iconic 1995 film. When speaking to ET last year, Silverstone revealed her motivation behind making the now-viral videos.

"I was forced into it," she said jokingly. "No, we did them so quickly. The one that we did, the very first TikTok that I did, my son had been talking about TikTok for a long time, telling me to get on it, even though he's not on it ... Finally, I gave in and thought it would be really fun and also a way to get people over to my causes that I really care about ... So that's obviously my main motivation."