Social Media Star Lauren Perez Shares Her Moroccan-Influenced and It-Girl Approved Haircare Routine

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Lauren Perez
Andi Elloway

Lauren Perez revealed her tips for long locks while celebrating the launch of her Kylie Jenner-approved haircaire line, Anablue.

Let your hair down! Lauren Perez is known for showing off her luscious locks on social media, and luckily for her 542k Instagram followers, she’s revealing her top celebrity-loved haircare secrets with ET while celebrating the launch of her line, Anablue

"I was raised in a French-Moroccan home where my parents encouraged me to embrace my hair. … Much like the way we prioritize taking care of our skin, I was always taught to care for my hair and scalp with simple, high quality ingredients," Perez explains. 

Andi Elloway

"While my friends were dyeing their hair or making big changes, my parents would always encourage me to let my hair be. ... I realized that the proactive care that I grew up doing for myself, and what my family has been doing for generations, was something I could share with the world," she continues.  

The entrepreneur went back to her roots — literally — to experiment with different mixtures using Argan and prickly pear seed oil straight from Morocco before developing her tried-and-true creation for BFFs like Bella Hadid, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Bieber.

"I made hundreds of concoctions over the years and finally perfected one that I used all the time and started giving out to friends. That blend ended up being the exact final formula for our Treatment Oil," the 31-year-old notes. 

Lauren Perez/Instagram

"At first it was just an oil I made at home that worked for me, and then I saw how well it worked for all of my friends and family with different hair types and textures," she says.

Perez's products even strengthened her tresses after welcoming her son Snow, 1, with husband David Waltzer. 

"I experienced hair loss due to post-partum. Seeing hair loss can be traumatic, but knowing that this was completely normal and that in most cases the new hair follicles immediately start regenerating was very reassuring," she shares.

"Developing a simple routine and using natural, foundational ingredients has allowed my hair to thrive on its own and revived its natural, wavy texture. ... It has also started to grow so much faster," the hair expert adds. 

Now, to keep her mane at its thickest and healthiest, the founder relies on a weekly regimen consisting of only three steps. 

Andi Elloway

"I start with the Treatment Oil, which I apply all over my scalp and through my hair. I let that sit for at least 30 minutes, but more often, I leave it in for a full day or overnight. When I’m ready to rinse out the Treatment Oil, I hop in the shower and use the Scalp Cleanser alongside our Scalp Massager Pod. ... I let that sit for a minute or two until I feel a refreshing tingle and then rinse it out," she reveals.

"I then apply the Hair Serum to damp hair as a final step to provide bounce, body, and shine once it’s dry. ... I use the Hair Serum almost every day and carry it around with me in case I need some extra shine or control. ... I call it the lip balm for my hair."

Lauren Perez/Instagram

From there, Perez typically opts for an effortless and voluminous 'do and completes her look with key beauty essentials. 

"At least 99% of the time, I'm just letting my hair air dry and leaving it alone. ... Most days I just do skincare and SPF. ... If I have an event to attend, I love a big, bouncy blowout and the Kylie Cosmetics concealer, Chanel bronzer, Charlotte Tilbury blush, and Rhode lip balm."


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