'SNL': Aidy Bryant Tricks Oscar Isaac Into Romancing Her in Hilarious 'Sexual Woman' Meta-Sketch

Aidy Bryant and Oscar Isaac on SNL

The longtime castmember got the chance to write a sketch of her choice, so she made Isaac sing a "boner" song.

Aidy Bryant is getting the chance to embrace her sexuality. The longtime Saturday Night Live castmember introduced a new sketch over the weekend in which she had host Oscar Isaac throwing himself at her.

"Oh, hi, I'm SNL's Aidy Bryant. You know, over my ten years on the show, I have played dozens of teachers, principals, mothers, women named Diane, Susan, and teachers. And I have loved all of these sweet, nurturing women. But the show said that if I played 150 of them, then as a reward I could write a sketch of my own choosing. You know, to show a different side of myself," Bryant explained, while sitting in a dressing room. "So tonight, this is that sketch. Enjoy."

The sketch then cut to Isaac decked out in a tuxedo in a art deco-inspired room, fretting over his date with "the most widely desired woman in the world," who just so happens to be Bryant. The actress entered decked out in a retro white gown that gave off a Mae West vibe.

"My god. You are so beautiful. And sexual. And I can tell your personality's also really good," Isaac's handsome, nervous character said, fawning over Bryant.

"Oh god, if I had a nickel for every time I heard a man say that, I would have so many coins that it would be annoying," replied Bryant, clearly unsure what to say.

"Oh, sensual woman. You make me so horny. I see why they call you the sexual woman," Isaac praised, before the sketch cut back to Bryant sitting in her dressing room, explaining the sketch we'd seen thus far.

"So yeah, I lied to Oscar Isaac. I told him I have a famous recurring character on the show called 'The Sexual Woman.' Is that a crime?" Bryant explained.

This lack of actual backstory to her "famous recurring character" is likely why, when Isaac asks her to say her famous catchphrase, the Sexual Woman stammers, "Oh, right. Yes. My famous catchphrase. Of course. What was it? Here we go. Hey, get your fat ass on my lap, bitch!"

If the fans have anything to say about it, The Sexual Woman might actually become a recurring character.

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