Skincare Expert and Régén De Peau Founder Oli Scarlato Explains Her 'Less Is More' Beauty Approach

Oli Scarlato
Tasia Wells/Getty Images for EcoLuxe Lounge

Skincare Expert and Régén De Peau Founder Oli Scarlato Explains Her 'Less Is More' Beauty Approach

Less is more! Régén De Peau founder Oli Scarlato has been passionate about skincare since she was a little girl. After suffering from burns on 50 percent of her body at age four, Scarlato has been on a mission to help people deal with scars, fine lines, wrinkles and more. 

"My burn experience taught me that great pain can be comforted when there is true love given to a child by a touch of a nurse," she tells ET. "Feeling this nurse gently tap my face with a cooling cream inspired me to get into skincare," she continues.

As she grew up, Scarlato traveled the world for her modeling career, which also influenced her approach to beauty. "I was so driven to lighten my travel bags and shorten my skincare routine," she says.

"I concentrated on products that didn't require time-consuming steps due to my long work hours and eventually began to mix my own cream," she shares.

The skincare guru wanted others to benefit from her quick and effective regimen too, which led her to become an ingredient research specialist. 

Regén De Peau

Scarlato honed in on developing revolutionary products with cutting-edge and simple formulas containing MDI Complex, UGL Complex, BMPX Complex and organic Japanese Blue Lotus flower extract, and ultimately launched Regén De Peau.

The line is made up of two products including the Flash Cleansing Lotion and Régén De Peau Platinum, an all-in-one cream that reduces pore size, wrinkles and discoloration and increases collagen production, oxygen absorption and luminosity.

"I believe less is more and time is everything," Scarlato notes. "Régén De Peau saves time and money. Two times a day for one minute, my products leave skin looking younger, polished, glowing and clear."

The Flash Cleansing Lotion is available for $39.99 and Régén De Peau Platinum is available for $119.95 on the brand's website.