‘Sister Wives’: Sukanya Krishnan Responds to Comment Saying She Lets Kody Brown 'Get Away With Murder'

The TLC show is currently airing its 'One-on-One' special recapping the season.

Interviewer Sukanya Krishnan is defending her interviews with the cast of Sister Wives. The longtime journalist, who has been conducting the TLC show's One-on-One interviews for several years now responded to a commenter who claimed she lets polygamist Kody Brown "get away with murder."

In a comment on a recent Instagram clip from the special, which aired its first part on Sunday night, one viewer wrote, "Suki is gonna let him get away with murder again. He’ll say whatever crap he wants, and she’ll just let him. Tell all? Tell nothing more like! 💩"

Krishnan replied to the commenter, writing, "Respectfully think you are hearing more than you ever have. I try to be fair. Just watch it. And the. We can discuss."


In the One-on-One special, Krishnan interviews Kody, his wife, Robyn Brown, and his exes, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown, all separately, discussing their fractured relationships and the past season of the family's reality show. 

In the first installment on Sunday, Kody admitted that he only ever fell "in love" with Robyn and that he continued his marriages to his other wives out of a sense of duty. 

He also added that he "hopes" Christine will be a "good wife" to her new husband, David Woolley. 

David will be making his Sister Wives debut on the special, which has been split into four parts. 

A new episode of the Sister Wives One-on-One special airs Sunday, Dec. 3 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. 


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