'Sister Wives' Stars Christine and Janelle Brown Discuss the Future of Kody and Robyn's Marriage (Exclusive)

Robyn is the only remaining wife married to the former polygamist.

Kody Brown only has one remaining wife -- Robyn Brown -- and his exes, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, aren't surprised. ET's Deidre Behar sat down with the Sister Wives stars to discuss their ex and his only wife after their splits and Meri Brown's exit in the TLC show's finale on Sunday. 

Christine has since moved on with her now-husband, David Woolley, and Janelle is living her single life. So do they think that Kody and Robyn will last?

"They're equally matched and equally yolked. They deserve each other. Did that sound bad? Did that sound snarky?" Christine tells ET with a laugh. "They completely deserve each other, and I want them to have the best life possible. They found each other and I know what it feels like to find your person. I know what I have with David and now I can understand what they have with each other. And I'm like, 'Oh, yeah, please have a good life.'"

As for whether the couple will bring in a new sister wife, Christine and Janelle are both skeptical of the notion. 


"No, because then he'd have to tell the other woman, 'You know, you're probably great but I really love Robyn, so I don't know what you're gonna do with your life,'" Christine muses of her ex. "I think she's gonna be it. Why would they look for something else if they've found each other?"

Janelle agrees, saying the father of her six children has her hands full as it is. 

"I just don't know if Kody's really interested," Janelle says. "It's a lot of work for a guy, it's a lot of work for a husband. And I just don't know if he really wants to do that. He really does love Robyn, and it's great to watch them. It's great." 

Neither Christine nor Janelle have a remaining friendship with Robyn after years of tension. Both women have credited Kody's alleged favoritism of Robyn for the dissolution of their marriages to him. 

"I'm not gonna have a relationship with Robyn. I'm just going to have people in my life that I trust," Christine explains. "She says one thing, but I don't see proof that she really wants it."


Janelle agrees, adding, "I really didn't even have much of a relationship with her. We just never gelled. We worked together as teammates for the sake of the family… if paths cross, we're going to be friendly and cordial."

And that vow to be cordial applies to future filming situations with Christine, Janelle, Robyn and Kody, which the reality stars promise will be happening next season on the family's show. 

"We're just going to do it exactly like we would do it in real life," Christine says of deciding how they film. "There's going to be times where we're in the same room together, and you'll see in the next season, there's a few times where we're in the same room together for the sake of the kids. We're gonna be cordial because it's about our kids. We're going to be adults. We're going to be mature. And we're gonna be apprehensive and nervous and not quite sure it's a good idea, but then you get into it and it's fine." 


Christine says her relationship with Kody and Robyn these days is all about "a lot of boundaries and a lot of distance," noting that she doesn't intend to appear with them in their confessional interviews on the couch as they did in the show's early seasons. 

"Because we have children together we will be in each other's spaces. Like, interviewing with them sitting on the couch, no… they don't need to know what's in my heart and what's in my soul. They already did that," Christine says. "They don't get to have that part of me anymore."

The Sister Wives' One-on-One special airs Sunday, Nov. 26 at  10 p.m. on TLC.