'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Talks About Her Husband David Woolley Meeting Ex Kody Brown (Exclusive)

The two have crossed paths several times since Christine and David started dating in December 2022.

Christine Brown split from Kody Brown in 2021, and quickly moved on in the love department. The Sister Wives star tied the knot with David Woolley this past October after a whirlwind romance, and now her new husband is preparing to make his debut on the family's TLC show.

So naturally ET's Deidre Behar was curious as to whether Kody and David had met in person during their brief courtship. 

"He's met Kody," Christine tells ET of David. "There's been a couple of times where they've been together."

As of how the interaction went, Christine says she can't speak for her ex. 

"I don't know how Kody feels about any of it at all, I'm not sure," she shares. "But watching the two of them, they'll be fine. They'll be kind in each other's presence."

And while Christine can't speak for her ex, she does share that viewers will get a look into Kody's POV on her relationship in the show's upcoming One-on-One special


"You'll see it in the One-on-One, it's hilarious. I'll let you watch the One-on-One for that one 'cause then you'll see how Kody feels," she says. "But David's always a gentleman. He's always going to be kind and good."

And fans can expect to see a lot more of David on future Sister Wives episodes. The new reality TV husband is set to be an on-camera staple.  

"He was so nervous! It was so cute," Christine says of David's first time on camera. "You're gonna see him a lot. He's not in this season at all. He's in a special, and, of course, he's in our wedding. And he's wonderful, and he's so good and he's so kind."

The mother of six says she didn't have to coach her new man, saying David was "just himself" on camera. 

"It's all very overwhelming to him and it's all a lot. He's taking on a lot with taking me on," she admits. "It's a lot but he does it with grace."


The couple now shares 14 children together and 16 grandkids. They met online in October 2022, and then in person for the first time in December 2022. After that meeting, Christine called off her matchmaker, saying she'd found the one. She says within a month of meeting David in person, she was already looking at wedding dresses. 

"We just made sense. It just synced up," she says of the match. "I took a breath and I realized, 'Oh, this is what I've been waiting for my whole life.'"

Christine says her new husband was familiar with who she was before they'd met and had even watched her family's TLC show. 

"He knew who I was just because he hasn't lived under a rock… he had sisters that lived polygamy and stuff," she explains. "He started watching the show and everything because he wanted to watch us fight. He thought Sister Wives would be us fighting. He goes, 'You guys never really fought so I didn't really pay attention.' He watched it on and off."

She shares that David let his knowledge slip on their second date when he mentioned Kody in an off-hand moment. 

"Our second date I started telling him everything, 20 minutes into the conversation he mentions something about Kody, and I go, 'You watch my show!'" Christine recalls. 

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She adds that one of David's daughters, Kati Charlene, actually clued him in to the fact that Christine was dating again after her split from Kody. 

"His daughter, as soon as she found out I was dating, she called him and she was like, 'Christine's available and you need to get together with her,'" Christine shares, saying that her and David's paths had "intermingled" through the years before they ever met. 

"I had no idea it felt like this or would feel like this. It really is a dream come true," she gushes. "It's amazing. It's like we just kind of moved in side-by-side with each other and just continued moving on in our life, but we're doing everything that the other person wanted to do but never did. So we travel so much and try so many new things and we have so many more kids now."

The One-on-One special of Sister Wives airs Sunday, Nov. 26 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.