'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Says Husband David Woolley Lost 20 Pounds After She Put Him on a Diet

The pair tied the knot four months ago.

Turns out, Christine Brown does get frustrated with her new husband, David Woolley. The Sister Wives star took to her Instagram Story for a "car confession" where she dished about her husband of four month's recent weight loss. 

"A few months ago for health reasons, David quit drinking soda, quit eating sugar, I put him on a few supplements and he loses 20 pounds, just like that," the TLC star says, snapping her fingers. "Twenty pounds! Do you know how hard I work to lose 20 pounds?"

The reality star, who tied the knot with David in October 2023 after her 2021 split from her ex, Kody Brown, went on to explain her frustration with the experience. 

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"The situation where men can lose weight quicker and easier is absolute rubbish," she insisted. "That's just really, really super frustrating! I work so hard to lose that 20 pounds!" 

Despite her annoyance, Christine seems thoroughly smitten with her man. The couple recently returned from their blissful trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, where they shared lots of picturesque and fun-filled pics. 

"We're doing everything that the other person wanted to do but never did," Christine told ET of her marriage in late 2023. "We travel so much and try so many new things, and we have so many more kids now." 

Christine was the first wife to leave Kody, followed closely by Janelle Brown and Meri Brown. Kody's only remaining wife is Robyn Brown. 


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