Simon Cowell Says Nobody Knows When His Wedding Will be to Lauren Silverman: 'I Am Planning It All'

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Simon Cowell is calling the shots when it comes to his wedding day. The America’s Got Talent judge, who got engaged to his longtime love, Lauren Silverman, in January, doesn’t want things to get out of control.

“I am planning it all. Otherwise, I know what will happen -- there will be 600 people and it’ll get out of control, like my 50th birthday party,” Cowell said during an interview with The Sun. "No one knows when it’s going to be -- that’ll be a surprise, even for Lauren. But I don’t want to have one of these ghastly wedding planners and all the arguments that happen, and who you do invite and who you don’t invite. The whole thing just seems like too much hassle.” 

Cowell, 62, and Silverman, 44, have been dating for over nine years, and are  parents to 8-year-old son Eric. When it was time to pop the question, the former American Idol judge shared there were no nerves -- and he didn’t even get down on one knee. 

“I’m not romantic, obviously,” Cowell said. “I didn’t get down on one knee. Was I nervous? No!” 

He added, “I mean, I didn’t think she’d say no -- you only get nervous if you think they’re gonna go, ‘No,' don’t you?"

Cowell may not have been nervous, but he did have the help of someone special. In February, Cowell shared with ET that the couple’s son had a hand in their engagement.

“One hundred percent he had to coach me,” Cowell said about his son's input. “And we planned it. He was a big part of it.” 

Cowell shared that after spending time with each other in quarantine during the pandemic, it felt time to take it to the next level. “I think after everything all of us had gone through over the past two years, it has changed our lives in so many ways,” he noted. “Family is everything and that is what I kind of took away from it.” 


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