Sherri Shepherd's Wig Falls Off on Live TV in Solidarity With Another Viral Wig Moment

The daytime talk show host was paying homage to preacher Sarah Jakes Roberts.

Sherri Shepherd paid tribute to preacher Sarah Jakes Roberts -- who went viral over the weekend for having a "wig slip" during her sermon -- by recreating the moment on Tuesday's Sherri

"If you know me, you know I love some Sarah Jakes Roberts," Sherri told her daytime talk show audience. "I have been following her journey in ministry, I have been reading her books for a long time and I used to attend her church." 

Sarah is a New York Times best-selling author, a YouTuber and the founder of the motivational organization Women Evolve. 

Sherri went on to explain how over the weekend, while Sarah was preaching in Dallas, Texas, her sermon was "so moving, her wig began to slide off." Instead of running off stage to adjust her wig, Sarah took it off completely and finished her homily in just her wig cap. 

While detailing how inspirational Sarah was for powering through her sermon despite the hairstyle technical difficulties, Sherri jumped up and had a wig slip of her own! 

See the full moment in the video below! 

On Sunday, Sarah took to Instagram to share footage of the mid-sermon wig slip and explain why her message was more important than her appearance. 

"I’ve always enjoyed getting dressed up and looking my best. I also have worked really hard to separate my worth and identity from my appearance. I can be full glam one day and fresh hyperpigmented face the next," she began her candid post. 

"Today I was preaching and I could feel my wig slipping. My message was more important to me than maintaining my appearance so I took it off, locked in, and kept preaching," Sarah explained. 

She went on to share that some women in the audience took off their own wigs in solidarity with her. "What moved me the most was seeing how many women joined me in getting courageously vulnerable, real, and free. Literally, wigs coming off everywhere," Sarah wrote. 

Concluding her inspirational message, Sarah said, "As long as you get the message and God gets the glory, my job is done."


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