Shanna Moakler Talks Relationship With Her and Travis Barker’s Kids and Why He Cut Off Communication

Shanna Moakler and ex-husband Travis Barker share son Landon and daughter Alabama.

Shanna Moakler is sharing her side to the story. The 49-year-old actress and model is the ex of both Travis Barker and Oscar de la Hoya, and has had a tumultuous relationship with her three children. 

Shanna shares son Landon Barker, 20, and daughter Alabama Barker, 18, with Travis and daughter Atiana de la Hoya, 25, with Oscar.

Shanna and Travis tied the knot in 2004 and after several splits and reconciliations, officially finalized their divorce in 2008, though they lived together until 2014. 

In recent years, as Travis has moved on with wife Kourtney Kardashian, Shanna has publicly spoken out against the Kardashian family and her ex-husband, saying they have alienated her from her children. 

"I'm not a deadbeat mom. I have a very close relationship with my children who are now adults, and I have been present in their lives, except during COVID lockdown," Shanna tells People in a new interview. "They have both taken back what they said about me and apologized."

Shanna Moakler and children Alabama Barker, Atiana de la Hoya and Landon Barker arrive at Walt Disney Studios Beauty and The Beast Sing-Along at the El Capitan Theatre on Oct. 2, 2010 in Hollywood, California. - Jeffrey Mayer/WireImge

Shanna, who appeared on the reality show Meet the Barkers with Travis in 2005 for two seasons, said that the series depicted her in a negative light. 

"Meet the Barkers does not dictate me as a mother. I was rocking three babies under the age of five and pregnant all of one season and up at all hours," she says. "I did not sleep all the time. It was a TV show 20 years ago. Bama has been staying at my house until the time she was 18. We share a very special relationship, and Landon is a great drummer and a lead singer. My oldest daughter was born and raised in the Oaks, and I love her."

As for her relationship with the Blink-182 drummer now, Shanna says that things between her and her ex have been strained since her January appearance on Bunnie XO's Dumb Blonde podcast. At the time, Shanna dissed Travis' wife, Kourtney, who had recently welcomed their son, Rocky Thirteen. 

"I think when the Kardashians first came around, [my kids] were enamored, just as like young kids would be enamored by them... I think there's a lot of glitter and fame," she recalls. "They watched them on TV and now their dad's dating one and they're going to be on the show. I think they got caught up in that, which young kids would do."

She also called the Kardashians "disgusting," saying, "I removed myself so that they couldn't bond over my children hating me." Shanna further claimed that when Travis and Kourtney started dating there was "parental alienation going on there."

Alabama Barker, Reign Disick, Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker, Landon Barker and Atiana De La Hoya attend the Los Angeles premiere of Hulu's new show The Kardashians at Goya Studios on April 7, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. - Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ABA

Shanna tells People that the podcast interview caused a new divide between her and Travis, noting, "We don't speak anymore."

"I don't have a relationship with Travis, but I think that's OK," she say. "I don't feel like it'll be like that forever, but I feel like right now -- I think that's where we are at in our evolution, and maybe in the future, it'll change."

She adds of Kourtney's reality TV family, "I also don't have to like the f**king Kardashians, and I'm honestly sick of talking about them."

As for her romantic future, Shanna says she remains hopeful to remarry some day. 

Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker and family attend Rob Dyrdek Foundation SK8 4 Life Benefit Presented by Panasonic & Carl's Jr at Fantasy Factory on May 22, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. - Jordan Strauss/WireImage

"I love taking care of a man. I want to grow old and make memories with someone," she shares. "I want to be healed and whole when I find my person. But I still need to work on myself a lot first."

In a May 2024 interview with Jeff Lewis Live, Shanna was positive when talking about Travis. 

"I'm happy for him. I think, you know, he's in a good place... The kids love the new baby, Rocky," she said at the time. "My daughter's obsessed with him and sends cute pictures."

And when ET spoke to Shanna in February 2022, she opened up about her co-parenting relationship with her ex.

"My children are my first priority and, that's one thing that I think Travis and I do agree on," she said. "That's probably the only thing we agree on, but our children come first and their happiness. As long as the Kardashians are good to my kids, that's all that matters to me as a mom. As long as they're happy, that's the key."