Shane Dawson Reacts to Tati Westbrook Saying He and Jeffree Star Weaponized Her to Bring Down James Charles

Dawson calls out the beauty vlogger for 'fake crying' and being 'manipulative.'

Shane Dawson is not happy with Tati Westbrook. The 31-year-old YouTuber went on Instagram Live on Tuesday to react to Westbrook's latest video, in which she accuses him and Jeffree Star of manipulating her into making last year's video where she publicly cut ties with James Charles.

"Oh my god, you are so manipulative," Dawson says in his IG Live as he listens to Westbrook. "You are fake crying. You are faking crying! That is not real. Oh my god!"

"I was molested," he replies after Westbrook says she was a victim of abuse. "Oh my god…That is not…Oh my god," he continues as he gets more enraged.

In Westbrook's 40-minute video called "Breaking My Silence," the beauty vlogger apologizes to Charles, explaining that she originally made her infamous video against him "as a result of all the poisonous lies that were fed to me by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star."

"Believing those lies and letting myself be gaslit into making that video is one of the biggest regrets of my life. The information they were giving me was terrifying. I was told there were a lot of victims that were going to come forward," she states.

"I am really sorry, James," she tearfully says. "On the advice of my attorneys, I cannot share with all of you right now the evidence that we have accumulated of the events that have occurred, however, there will soon come a day where we will be able to present this evidence and you will be able to see why it is we believe that Jeffree and Shane are responsible for so much of the damage that has been caused."

She claims that Star and Dawson were "both bitterly jealous of James Charles’ success" and "neither of them were happy with standing in his shadow on YouTube anymore." She continues by sharing her thoughts on why the two YouTubers would be against Charles.

“The entire situation opens up a Pandora’s box of speculation but I’m just not sure anyone counted on this drama spreading like wildfire," she notes. "It’s my opinion that everyone involved got scared and their plan changed multiple times as I refused to play along or engage with the drama over the next several months a year later."

Meanwhile, amid Dawson's recent controversies, including resurfaced video of past use of blackface, saying the N-word, joking about pedophilia and more, YouTube has suspended monetization on all three of his YouTube channels, according to multiple reports.

Last May, Charles and Westbrook became embroiled in a war of words over the web after Westbrook accused him of going behind her back, taking her ideas and inappropriate behavior. Westbrook also claimed that Charles was spreading false lies about her and would seduce straight men.

Charles, on his end, posted his own video with an apology and refuting her claims. The two kept going back and forth with their feud until they agreed to disagree and took mini breaks from social media.

ET spoke with Westbrook in November, where she opened up about putting the past behind her, as well as scaling back her YouTube since the feud. 

"I'm not going to be someone that just stops YouTube. Like, this is where it started and I literally get really messed up and emotional and the tears find their way if I think about that last video," she told ET, before bursting into tears. "Oh my gosh, I'll cry right now... why am I crying?"

As for all of the drama -- rumored and factual -- going on with YouTubers and their competing makeup lines, Westbrook said at the time that she just wanted to get back to focusing on what's important. 

"Let's just get back to what this is about. We all love makeup, let's focus on that, because this just kind of blew up into this crazy like, 'I'm better!' 'No, I'm better!' 'No, look at me, no, look at my numbers!'" she explained. "'It's like, 'Ehh, it's not what it's about,' so I feel like people are just tuning in more with what it really should be and it feels really good."

See more in the video below.