See Who is Taking Over Lisa Vanderpump's Pump Restaurant (Exclusive)

See who is taking over Lisa Vanderpump's Pump restaurant after the reality star closed the doors last month.

It’s out with the Pumptinis and in with the spicy cucumber mules! 

The location that was once home to Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant, Pump, in West Hollywood, California, will soon have a new tenant, Roosterfish.

ET has learned Roosterfish, which currently has a space on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, California, will open another location in September at Pump's famous corner on Santa Monica, Blvd. 

A source tells ET, "Roosterfish has already started construction and if everything goes as planned, it will open next month."

Although the Venice location doesn't serve food, the new West Hollywood expansion will. "The food is going to be so good. They're going to be doing lite casual Italian fair," the source adds. 

According to its website, "When [Roosterfish] first opened, it quickly claimed itself as a gay bar, welcoming only patrons of similar sexual orientation. With this safe haven claimed, patrons were able to drink in peace without judgment from an archaic-minded society."

They continue, "With modern day Roosterfish, its doors have reopened, welcoming in all walks of life. As one of the original bars along Mr. Kinney's boulevard, is a part of a rare collective of original restaurants along Abbot Kinney, embracing the openness that makes Venice, CA as unique and special as it is! Roosterfish was one of the first progressive bars for the community and the new owners have kept its namesake in respect to the history Roosterfish has undergone."

Last month, Vanderpump closed her restaurant after an incredible 10-year run

"It's with heavy hearts that we announce that the lease at Pump restaurant is expiring, and we will be closing its doors on July 5th, after 10 years of beautiful evenings under our olive trees," the statement posted on Pump's Instagram read. 

The statement claimed that the price of rent for the establishment was why the eatery is closing. "While we have loved our time operating Pump, to take on another 10-year lease with a huge increase in rent by the landlords, is not something we are ready to commit to," the statement continued. "After successfully running 37+ establishments for many years, this type of rent is untenable."


Meanwhile, Vanderpump's landlord told ET that "Lisa's comments regarding the rent for Pump are not accurate. We did not raise the rent and in fact have been nothing but supportive as they tried to catch up on lease obligations including forgiving some rent during COVID."

In March, ET spoke with broker Leslie Haro of City Street Commercial, who rents out the space. Haro claimed that "the business is being sold, but not the real estate and the [landlords are] looking for a long-term tenant." 

A source also told ET at the time that the iconic neighborhood staple, which is heavily highlighted on Vanderpump Rules, had a hard time recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the source added that Vanderpump's other ventures, TomTom and Vanderpump Cocktail Garden, are doing very well.

Back in March, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum still wasn't sure that she'd be giving up the location. "We’ve been in the Pump location for 10 years, have a great relationship with the landlord, and are currently discussing resigning our lease over the next few months, but haven't made a decision and will be open tonight, and come by and have a Pumptini," Vanderpump said at the time. "We're also currently expanding our empire and will be opening two more restaurants with Caesars Palace."


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