See Bindi Irwin Share a Joyful 'Unbirthday' Family Tradition With Her Daughter

Grace Warrior celebrated her half-birthday at the zoo with an extra special surprise.

Bindi Irwin is keeping a family tradition alive and well with her two-year-old daughter, Grace Warrior!  The 25-year-old wildlife champion and daughter of Steve Irwin marked Grace's half-birthday this week with a trip to the Australia Zoo and an extra special surprise. 

"We have a family tradition of celebrating 'unbirthdays' when you turn a half. ❤️ Happy two and a half unbirthday to our beautiful Grace Warrior," she captioned a video on Instagram to mark the milestone. 

"Grace, you can choose anything you want," Bindi coos to her daughter in the cute clip. Grace then goes wild choosing an armful of stuffed animals to bring home. 

"So, Grace is two and a half today which means that we celebrate our unbirthday," Bindi explains in the video. "So we have to let her choose anything she wants in the Australia Zoo elephant shop to celebrate. It's very cute." 

Grace evaluates several of her options, including stuffed giraffes, elephants, lemurs, meerkats and zebras, to name a few. In the end, she seems to settle on a giraffe and elephant as her favorites, carrying them proudly out of the shop. 

"This is the first time that we've ever done this at the zoo with Grace -- just go wild at the shop," Bindi adds. 

Bindi shares Grace with her husband, Chandler Powell. The proud dad also took to social media on Wednesday to pay tribute to his best girls. 

"Life is sweeter spent with my girls. @bindisueirwin, thank you for being the most amazing, beautiful mama. You are our glue, keeping us together and happy every day❤️" he wrote alongside an image of the happy family together on a boat. 

Back in January 2022, the proud mom adorably told ET that her little girl's "best friend" is a live tortoise.

"Her best friend is an Aldabra tortoise," Bindi told ET at the time. "His name is Igloo and, no joke, he comes up to here on me, like up to my waist. He's massive and the cutest. When he sees Grace, he runs across his paddock, which is huge. If you're a tortoise, you can't really run very fast, but he does his best, runs across the paddock to see her and just sits. She tries to pat him, and she just ends up kind of like hitting him on the head."

Bindi and her younger brother, Robert Irwin, work with their mom, Terri Irwin, and Powell, at the Australia Zoo, continuing her father, Steve's, work with wildlife conservation and education.


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