See Alicia Keys' Reaction to Husband Swizz Beatz Suggesting an 'X-Acto Knife' to Remove Her Gel Manicure

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Swizz Beatz is trying to work smarter, not harder.

Swiss Beatz is trying to work smarter, not harder. 

The rapper wasn't afraid to suggest new ideas while helping wife Alicia Keys remove her gel manicure at home. Keys, who hasn't been able to visit her nail technician for over a month amid quarantine, gladly accepted help from her husband -- even when his methods turned a little unconventional. 

"I'm trying to get it off?" Beatz asked in a clip posted to Instagram last week. Keys, with her fingers wrapped in foil, explained that she was trying to remove her nail color, not the nail itself. 

"It's not the whole thing. It’s on top of my nail," she instructed. 

After a few seconds of trying to remove the polish to no avail, Beatz thought of an alternative solution. "So you can use an X-Acto knife?" he asked. 

"I don't know if that's a good idea," Keys calmly replied. 

"An X-Acto knife would cut this sh*t off!" Beatz cracked. 

He captioned the video, "Quarantine Day 33 ? I think everyone will come out of this more handy and crafty 100% ??? #Deans FYI I was joking ?"

ET recently spoke with Keys, who detailed how family life was going amid quarantine. She and Beatz share two sons, 9-year-old Egypt and 5-year-old Genesis. 

"We are grateful, we are blessed, we are safe, we are healthy, our family is healthy. We're together," she said. "It's surely a new experience and we're all trying to figure out like... how do we keep these kids in line?" 

"I was telling one of my sons the other day, 'That would be so powerful for you to learn how to be an independent self-starter,'" Keys added. "It's deep, the things I think that we have the opportunity to learn at this time."