Sebastian Bear-McClard Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Multiple Women Amid Emily Ratajkowski Divorce

Sebastian Bear-McClard
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The allegations come amid his divorce from Emily Ratajkowski.

Sebastian Bear-McClard is facing accusations of sexual misconduct. According to a new report by VarietyEmily Ratajkowski's estranged husband has been accused of behaving inappropriately towards multiple teenage girls.

Both Bear-McClard and Ratajkowski declined to comment for Variety's story. ET has reached out to reps for the exes for comment.

The allegations start in early 2016, when, according to statements made in an unspecified August 2022 legal dispute against Bear-McClard and later obtained by the outlet, Bear-McClard messaged a 17-year-old girl on Instagram.

Not long after, Bear-McClard allegedly let Joshua and Benjamin Safdie, his producing partners who are known as the Safdie brothers, know that he wanted to cast the girl in their film, Good Time.

When the teen was called for her scene, she was allegedly naked, standing in front of nearly a dozen male cast and crew members, and made to act with an actor who had recently been released from prison, according to Variety

"[I] was utterly stunned and felt terrified," the girl said in her statement, obtained by Variety. "My distress only worsened when out of nowhere, [an actor] whispered in my ear if 'he could stick it in' while the cameras rolled. I said 'no.'"

The scene in question did not appear in the final cut of the movie, though the teen's name does appear in the film's credits, per the outlet. In her statement, the girl claims that Bear-McClard did not discuss any pay associated with the role and instead allegedly bought her cigarettes after the shoot.

After shooting the scene, the girl allegedly had a sexual relationship with Bear-McClard for more than two years, which was reportedly consensual. The age of consent in New York is 17.

The Safdie brothers claim they found out about Bear-McClard's alleged behavior last summer, at which point they fired their partner from the production company they launched in 2014, Elara Pictures.

"The Elara team were made aware of Sebastian McClard's behavior in July 2022," a spokesperson for the brothers told the outlet. "They took immediate action and terminated him."

In a separate complaint, a then-18-year-old woman claims she met a then-married Bear-McClard on the set of Uncut Gems, and alleges that he began "grooming" her on Instagram before things escalated at the apartment the producer shared with Ratajkowski.

"Sebastian and I started kissing," she said in a statement obtained by Variety. "Things escalated and then, without asking for my consent, Sebastian inserted himself inside me without using a condom."

The woman additionally claims that Bear-McClard called her derogatory names, tracked her via an app on her phone, and "did not deny" that he'd messaged a 15-year-old girl on Instagram when she questioned him about it.

Bear-McClard's alleged messages with the teen, as well as his romantic involvement with another young woman on the Uncut Gems set, led the Safdie brothers to firing him, sources told the outlet. Bear-McClard is currently involved in private mediation with the Safdie brothers, per Variety.

A third woman also gave a statement, which was obtained by the outlet. While her statement did not allege workplace sexual misconduct, it claimed that Bear-McClard engaged in troubling behavior.  

Ratajkowski filed for divorce from Bear-McClard in September 2022, two months after the pair called it quits on their four-year marriage. The exes share a son, 2-year-old Sylvester, and are currently engaged in a custody battle over him.

In an interview on Dear Media's Going Mental With Eileen Kelly podcast earlier this month, Ratajkowski opened up about her decision to end her marriage.

"I didn't have the courage to leave for a long time. I was really, really unhappy," Ratajkowski said. "... I tried to take antidepressants. I was sure that something was wrong with me. I think so much of what I learned coming out of that relationship is to trust your instincts. Gaslighting is a real thing."

While Ratajkowski wouldn't comment on the rumor that infidelity played a role in her split, she did react to fans being discouraged by the idea that even she, a successful model, could get cheated on.

"Duh, men are trash, ladies," she said. "It doesn't matter who you are or how perfect you are."