Sean and Catherine Lowe on Preparing for Baby No. 3 Amid the Holidays (Exclusive)

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The 'Bachelor' couple will welcome their third child within days of Christmas.

Sean and Catherine Lowe are gearing up for a Christmas baby! 

The Bachelor couple is set to welcome their third child together within days of the upcoming holiday -- which means preparing for the little one is going a little differently than it did for their first two kids. 

"Well, we haven't prepared much, because of all the chaos and Christmas coming up and our businesses," Catherine explained to ET while supporting her and Sean's new partnership with Bertolli Pasta Sauce. The soon-to-be mom of three can use the extra help in the kitchen, "knowing what's about to come in a couple weeks." 

Sean and Catherine welcomed their first child, Samuel, in July 2016 and his little brother, Isaiah, in May 2018. "We're trying to sleep train Samuel so he's not injuring the baby when it sleeps in our room because at three years old, Samuel's definitely feeling more confident about doing whatever he wants at whatever time he wants," Catherine shared. "So, we're trying to just set boundaries and expectations for our family."

"I've definitely been preparing to be super present with my kids now because it's going to be a very different chapter in a couple weeks," she added. 

The pair haven't found out if they'll be welcoming a baby boy or girl. "We're going to be surprised, just like we were with our first two," Sean said. "We've got a list of names. We're not sharing them, but we've narrowed them down. We got a couple boy names and a couple girl names, and hopefully, by the time it comes, we will pick the one." 

The former Bachelor still remains the franchise's only male lead to marry his final pick (Jason Mesnick and Arie Luyendyk Jr. both married their runner-ups) -- and he's "not really" surprised. 

"I'm actually surprised there are as many married couples as there are [from the franchise], because let's face it, we got engaged on a really wacky, kind of ridiculous TV show," Sean confessed. "It can be heartfelt and sincere at times, of course, but it also has a lot of wacky moments. And then when you think about all the people who are on the show, they come from different cities, so that just adds a different level of difficulty once you get engaged -- who is going to move and what does the future look like, and how do you live life without the cameras around."

"So, to me, it's really surprising how many married couples are there now. Six? Seven? People talk about the low success rate quite a bit, but I actually think given the circumstances it's pretty high," he added with a laugh. 

See more on the couple in the video below.