Scarlett Johansson Shares How Motherhood Has Affected Her Work

The actress is sharing her ups and downs of motherhood.

Scarlett Johansson is opening up about being a mother. On Monday, Johansson sits down on Dear Media's The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast to discuss motherhood and acting with hosts Lauryn and Michael Bosstick.

In January 2022, The Skinny Confidential founder and her husband welcomed their second child, a baby boy. 

"How old are your kids," asks Johansson. "You have a baby?"

"Three. No, three and eight months," Michael responds. 

"You also have two little kids. It’s really tough. I remember my daughter, my daughter was eight-and-a-half, and she, when she was two, I said, 'This is great. I don't know what everybody is talking about.' And then she turned three and it’s like being in an emotionally abusive relationship," laughs Johansson. 

Johansson and Colin Jost -- who wed in 2020 -- announced the arrival of their son in April 2021. Johansson is also mom to 8-year-old daughter Rose, who she shares with her ex-husband, Romain Dauriac.

"It’s crazy, like very intense emotional swings and like, so bossy and adamant and like, it's just crazy. And, also these huge mood swings, constant mood swings, which I was like these, 'Those poor little guys.' I feel bad for 'em. You're like up and down constantly," the actress says. 

Michael adds, "Little girls are tough on the moms too. ...Like, I can do no wrong. Like, every time my daughter sees me she's like, 'Oh!' Then she's brutal on [Lauryn]."

"The, the baby. Everyone complains about the baby. I think the baby stage is so much easier than the toddler stage," admits Lauryn.

"Having a baby is so lovely," says Johansson. "They're so cute. They sit there and they love you and then that's it. And you just get like love from them."

The Marvel actress also opens up about how she’s more selective with taking jobs and filming after having kids. 

"I work like 15-hour days, you know, so if I'm gonna be working on something and have to relocate everybody, it's, you know, it's adventurous in some ways, but it's for, you know, for the kids."

"But they also need stability too. So now that my daughter is older, I really, you know, I don't work in the same way that I used to work when I was, you know, 25 years old," says Johansson. "I was very career driven and focused at that time, and less focused on personal growth or whatever."

"Is that why you decided to launch your brand?" asks the Skinny Confidential founder.

Johansson launched her own clean skincare line, The Outset, in March 2022. Founded on the concept of beginning with the basics and building an effective, universal routine, the brand is a reflection of Johansson’s own uncomplicated approach to beauty.

After learning about the beauty business and experimenting with formulations for several years, Johansson met co-founder Kate Foster, an entrepreneur and former beauty/fashion executive who helped shape The Outset from its early stages.

"I decided to launch my brand because I felt like I was in a place where I had a point of view and I could do something. I had the curiosity to have a startup and understand what the risks of that were. You know, because it is risky, right? And it's not like we're not a massive company backed by like some huge conglomerate, like all of this. This, at the outset, is a personal project, you know, and it really comes from my passion for skincare. I had acne for like my entire life."

"Why don't I ever picture you with acne? I cannot," says Lauryn. 

The actress says, "I always had makeup on for events. Like in my personal life, I struggled with acne for such a long time to the point where my makeup artist was like, you have acne now and then soon you'll have wrinkles and acne."