'Scandal' Stars Reunite for Powerful International Women's Day PSA

'Scandal' cast

Olivia Pope is handling International Women's Day! Some of Scandal's most powerful leading ladies have reunited for a good cause.

Kerry Washington, Bellamy Young, Katie Lowes, and Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes are teaming up on behalf of the anti-poverty humanitarian organization CARE for the #WomenEqual PSA video. 

"Some people would say I don't belong here," Washington says in the PSA.

"Some people would say a woman can't be president," Young chimes in. 

"That women can't be both mothers and leaders," Lowes adds. 

"That a Congresswoman shouldn't wear a headscarf," Rhimes notes. 

The co-stars and Scandal creator talk about the inequality women face when it comes to the gender pay gap as well as the cases of assault, violence, and poverty among females. 

"I won't stand for that," Washington notes. "I believe in a world where women are equal." 

The women urge viewers to sign a petition to "make women equal." 

To sign the petition in support of the Safe From the Start Act, click here, and for more with the Scandal women, check out the video below.


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