Savannah Chrisley Says Dad Todd Is Teaching a Financial Class While in Prison: 'How Ironic'

Todd and Julie Chrisley are currently serving time in prison after being convicted of tax crimes.

Todd and Julie Chrisley's knowledge has been a benefit to their prison time. On this week's episode of the Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley podcast, the 26-year-old shares that her parents have been teaching classes -- and as a result, have had their time in prison reduced. 

Last month, it was revealed that Todd and Julie will be released from prison earlier than originally expected. According to prison records, Todd is now scheduled to be released from Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Pensacola in Florida on Jan. 22, 2033. The new release date has him leaving prison two years earlier than expected.


As for Julie, who was initially sentenced to seven years in prison, she's now scheduled to be released from Federal Medical Center, Lexington in Kentucky on Oct. 19, 2028, according to prison records. Her initial seven-year prison sentence was reduced by one year and seven months.

Last November, Julie, 50, and Todd, 54, were initially sentenced to a combined 19 years in prison, after being found guilty of federal tax crimes. 

Savannah explains that due to the First Step Act -- which was established to place prisoners in programs that will assist with their readmission to society after their release through taking and teaching classes -- her parents were able to knock time off of their sentences. 


After sharing that each of her parents got credits through courses they took, Savannah says now they are teaching to gain more credits. 

"Dad's definitely taught some classes too," the Chrisley Knows Best star says. "Trauma is one of them. I think another one was a financial class, which how ironic?" she quipped. 

She adds, "I know she's [Julie] definitely taught classes, like she taught a real estate class, she's got all these certificates from teaching and completing classes and all these things. Overachiever Julie is...always been."

Savannah added that there aren't any major updates when it comes to Todd and Julie, but did share how the eight-month mark of their prison time has affected the family. 

"Yesterday was exactly eight months since Mom and Dad had been gone, and it really hits," she shares. "I think it hit everyone pretty hard. I know for me, the kids and I just hung out at the house all day yesterday, and we all were just in our own kinda weird moods. It's sad, because you think of all the life that is moving on without them and even just me dating. I would love to go and tell my mom anytime something good happens or anytime something bad happens. But it's not like I can pick up the phone and call. And so it's really sad to see the amount of things they're missing out on." 

David Livingston/Getty Images

Savannah's current update on her parents comes after she had to set the record straight about their relationship. Last month, the reality TV star took to her Instagram Story to shoot down claims that Julie was working to divorce Todd.

"No, my mother has not hired counsel. If she did, it would have gone through me," she wrote. "So, that whole story is a lie. It's just unfortunate that we live in a world that wants to tear families apart and wants to spew hate and lies. And it's just absolutely insane. I just sat with my mother at visitation this weekend and she cried about how much she missed my father." 

The same week, Savannah spoke to ET about the time she spends with each of her parents during visitation.

"I speak to them multiple times a day... and then I see them every weekend... I go back and forth, which is also not a sustainable lifestyle to just be like playing ping pong between Florida and Kentucky, but I do it," she said. "It's so great seeing them, because I get to hug on them, love on them, we get to catch up on all the things. I think it's just hard when you just sit back and realize how much life goes on without those people there."