'Saturday Night Live': Scarlett Johansson Presents Woody Harrelson His Five-Timers Jacket


The actor hosted for the fifth time and clearly expected the customary jacket -- to no avail.

Woody Harrelson came very close to getting snubbed for his coveted Five-Timers jacket during his outing as Saturday Night Live host over the weekend. This is, until Scarlett Johansson saved the day.

Harrelson took to the Saturday Night Live for his fifth stint as host -- but wasn't presented with the honorary Five-Timers Club smoking jacket that's become a tradition on the sketch show.

Harrelson stepped out onto the Studio 8H stage in a silk ensemble and excitedly explained the significance of his hosting milestone.

"So this is my fifth time doing SNL, and you know what that means!" he said, as held out his arms, beaming brightly, as he waited for someone to come out and slide the jacket on -- only, no such raiment was presented. "No jacket? OK, OK."

After going on a well-delivered and eccentrically rambling monologue about his love of pot, quitting pot, how his manager smuggled pot from California to New York a year ago, and more pot facts, he felt it was time to be adorned with the iconic velvet jacket.

"Anyway, it's about that time," Harrelson concluded, confidently holding out his arms yet again, and yet again nothing happened. "Still no jacket? OK. Well, we still got a great show for you tonight!"

Later in the episode, as musical guest Jack White took to the stage for his first set, Harrelson brought up the whole jacket issue again. As he introduced White, Harrelson stopped the show briefly and asked, "You know what, he's been here five times too, does he get a jacket?"

However, at the end of the show, Harrelson and White stood side-by-side for the goodbyes and Kenan Thompson came out with the blue highly coveted blue smoking jacket -- and walked past Harrelson to present the jacket to White.

However, in a surprise cameo -- that's likely due to Johansson being married to Colin Jost, and starring opposite Harrelson in the upcoming film Project Artemis -- the celebrated actress (and Five-Timers Club member herself) gave Harrelson a jacket of his very own.

"I got you, baby!" Johansson declared, surprising Harrelson with the article of clothing and a big hug.

Saturday Night Live airs live, coast-to-coast at 11:30 p.m. ET/ 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC.