Sandra Oh Recreates Her 'Princess Diaries' Phone Scene With 'Queen' Anne Hathaway: Watch

Sandra Oh
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

The celebrated actress channeled some adorable nostalgia for a promo for 'The Kelly Clarkson Show.'

Sandra Oh recently tapped into a beloved role for a fun nostalgia-filled moment on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

The actress recently recreated a memorable moment from the 2001 comedy The Princess Diaries, in which her character, Vice Principal Geraldine Gupta, gets an important call about an imminent royal arrival to Grove High School.

In the brief callback moment, Oh channels her inner Vice Principal Gupta, picks up a phone and sternly speaks, "Gupta -- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm," before hanging up to declare, "The Queen is coming."

Of course, when she first delivered this line in The Princess Diaries, the queen in question was Clarisse Renaldi, Queen of Genovia (played by Julie Andrews). This time around, however, the royal title is referring to Anne Hathaway -- a guest on Clarkson's show.

The intro was an adorable throwback to Hathaway's breakthrough role as Mia Thermopolis, which she reprised for The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

Hathaway appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Tuesday, where she faced off against the songstress in a pop culture music trivia quiz.

As far as the future of The Princess Diaries is concerned, news of a third installment was reported back in November 2022. ET confirmed that the project was in the works at Disney and in the very early stages of development.

Meanwhile, ET spoke with Hathaway in October 2022, and the actress said she would be down to return to Genovia for another swing at the series -- particularly if Andrews would be down to play her grandmother once again.

"I would more than entertain it, I'm pulling for it," Hathaway shared. "If there's any way to get Julie Andrews involved, I think we would make it work. We would go to where she was and put a green screen behind her and just make it happen."