Samuel L. Jackson's Wedding Gift for Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Involved 10 Pounds of Bees

The actor gifted Reynolds and his ex, Scarlett Johansson, a surprising thing for their wedding.

Samuel L. Jackson opted to go the nontraditional route for Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson's wedding gift. In an interview with Vulture, the 74-year-old actor recalled his present to the now-exes when they tied the knot in 2008.

"My wedding gift to them was a beehive. Scarlett was always talking about nature. So I had my assistant go out and buy 10 pounds of bees and then I bought them bee suits and the whole thing," Jackson said. "They kept bees for a while. They got honey for a couple of years while they were married."

Things came to an abrupt end when, according to Jackson, "one day the bees abandoned the hive or they abandoned the queen or some s**t."

Reynolds and Johansson ended up calling it quits in 2011. There doesn't appear to be any ill will between the exes, though, as Johansson called Reynolds "a good guy" back on The Goop Podcast in April.

The year after Reynolds and Johansson divorced, the actor married Blake Lively. They have since welcomed four kids: James, 8, Inez, 6, Betty, 3, and a newborn, details about whom they've yet to share.

As for Johansson, she tied the knot with Romain Dauriac in 2014. The couple had a daughter, Rose, who's now 8, before calling in quits in 2017. Johansson then got together with her current husband, Colin Jost; they got married in 2020 and welcomed their son, Cosmo, in August 2021. 

During her April podcast appearance, Johansson reflected on what she's learned from her past marriages and how they've positively impacted her current one.

"I would never have probably been ready for a relationship like the one that I have with Colin at different times in my life, because I wasn't comfortable setting my own boundaries," she said. "I didn't know, not only what I wanted, but what I needed from somebody else."

Johansson noted that she has come to realize "that there are certain fundamental things in your own personality that you need" from a partner.

"It's not, like, the sexiest thing to do, to examine those fundamental characteristics that are a necessity for you, but I think that's why it worked with Colin and I at that time," she said. "I was finally able to step back and actually respect myself enough to know what those things were and be OK with it."