Sam Taylor-Johnson Reacts to Rumors That Husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is Next James Bond (Exclusive)

The 'Back to Black' director reacts to the rumors that her husband, Aaron, will be the next James Bond.

Fans can add Sam Taylor-Johnson to the growing list of celebrities who agree that Aaron Taylor-Johnson would be the perfect James Bond. 

The 57-year-old filmmaker gave her enthusiastic endorsement of her husband, 33, for the role while chatting with ET's Rachel Smith at the New York premiere of her upcoming film, Back to Black

When asked whether Aaron has already taken up the role of 007 following Daniel Craig's exit as the iconic British Secret Service agent, Sam neither confirmed nor denied the reported rumors. She simply told ET, "I mean it would be amazing, let's see."

The mother of four added that her husband "has the chops" to carry on the legacy of the iconic character, and even considered that she could be the filmmaker who brings his depiction to the big scream. 

"That would be so fun," she admitted.

Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Kate Green/Getty Images

It has yet to be confirmed if Aaron -- who currently appears in The Fall Guy with Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt -- has accepted the 007 role. It was first reported by The Sun in mid-March that EON -- the production company behind the franchise -- had offered the Avengers: Age of Ultron star the role and was just waiting on his response. 

"Bond is Aaron's job, should he wish to accept it. The formal offer is on the table and they are waiting to hear back," a source told the outlet. "As far as EON is concerned, Aaron is going to sign his contract in the coming days and they can start preparing for the big announcement."

The outlet reported that a new Bond film -- the 26th in the franchise -- is slated to begin production later this year. 

ET reached out to EON, who did not comment on the reports. 

Craig, 56, played Bond in five films between 2006 and 2021 and told ET back in 2019 that No Time to Die would be his last film with the franchise. 

"This is going to be my last Bond I think," he shared with ET. "I think I've done enough, people are going to get sick of the sight of me. Someone else should have a go."

Daniel Craig as James Bond - Getty Images

At the time, the Knives Out star weighed in on who he thought should put on the suit and tie next, to which he said it should just be "the right person."

"I think that everybody should be considered," Craig shared. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone U.K. released on March 20, Aaron was asked about whether there is any truth to the swirling speculation over his casting. He reportedly sat in silence and changed the subject. 

"I can only really talk about the things I'm going to show and tell," he shared. "So The Fall GuyNosferatuKraven the Hunter. I’m here to promote those."

Aaron's Bullet Train co-star, Brian Tyree Henry, previously told ET that he could not be more on board with the rumors of his friend's potential role. 

"Everything about that is perfect," the Causeway actor said. "He is absolutely stealthy, he looks amazing, he is a great actor." 

With a wink to the camera, Henry added, "I hope I can be his Bond villain."

Aaron is not the first actor (or actress) to have their name thrown into the conversation surrounding the next Bond, however. Since Craig's exit, names like Theo James, Callum Turner, Regé-Jean Page, Lashana Lynch and Henry Golding have all been named as potential replacements for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actor. 

ET recently spoke with Turner and Lynch at separate events and each gave their responses to the rumors about their potential next role. Lynch, 36, previously played the new 007 in No Time To Die, taking over for Craig in the film. 

"I think my mom is putting those rumors around town," Turner, 34, told ET at the premiere of his Apple TV+ show, Masters of the Air. "Barbara Broccoli is an amazing producer, I'd love to work with her in any capacity."

"Do you think people really want that? Do you think people are really ready for that?" Lynch told ET at the Bob Marley: One Love premiere. "I signed up for one movie, literally. I did one, look, I don't know anything about the next one. I've not had a conversation so, yeah, it's in their hands. It's in the franchise's hands."