Sally Field Praises Jane Fonda as an 'Important' Mentor and Friend (Exclusive)

The Oscar winner spoke with ET at the premiere of her new film, 'Spoiler Alert,' in New York on Tuesday.

Sally Field is reflecting on her longtime friendship and close connection with Jane Fonda.

The 76-year-old celebrated actress walked the carpet at the New York premiere of her film, Spoiler Alert, on Tuesday, where she spoke with ET's Rachel Smith about the new project, as well as her upcoming collaboration with Fonda in the comedy 80 for Brady.

"I was there because Jane has been one of my good friends [for years]," Field said, explaining how she was brought on to the project, alongside Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno and Tom Brady.

Field explained how she and Fonda first became friends in the 1980s, when Fonda "literally knocked on my door and said, you know, 'Come on, we're going to lunch.'"

Since then, "She's been so important to me as a female friend and mentor and all sorts of things," Field added.

The Oscar-winning actress also addressed the news of Fonda's battle with cancer, which she revealed earlier this year.

"She's doing great. She's doing, like, shockingly well," Field said, joking, "Like, I think she lied about the whole thing because nobody does that well!"

As for her Spoiler Alert co-stars -- including Jim Parsons, Ben Aldridge and Bill Irwin -- Field had nothing but adoration.

With regards to Irwin -- with whom Field spent a long time acting with on Broadway -- she had effusive praise, marveling, "I adore him! I would do anything to to be working with him again, he's so much fun."

Field also called Aldridge a "breakout movie star." 

"We haven't seen him on this coast very much, he's a Brit, [but] he's just fabulous," Field added.

Spoiler Alert hits selected theaters Dec. 2, and opens nationwide on Dec. 9.



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