Ryan Reynolds and His Mom Attend 'The View' as Audience Members

Ryan Reynolds brought his mom, Tammy, to be part of the show's live studio audience.

Ryan Reynolds is making his mom's dream come true. On Monday, the actor shocked the hosts of The View by showing up in the live studio audience alongside his mom, Tammy Reynolds.

"You never know what's going on here at The View. Sometimes... you look over and you go, 'Oh, snap! There's Ryan Reynolds!'" Whoopi Goldberg said, before turning her attention to Ryan and questioning, "Just out of curiosity, because this isn't a thing that happens often, what are... how come?"

After declaring that being an audience member is "way less stressful" than being a guest on the morning show, Ryan explained why he attended the taping.

"My mom is here visiting her grandkids," Ryan said of his and wife Blake Lively's four kids: James, 9, Inez, 7, Betty, 4, and a 1-year-old, whose name they've yet to reveal. "Yesterday [my mom] said, 'It's my dream to go to The View.'"

Tammy Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds pose together in 2022. - Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

"First off, I try to do what she says, because you don't know what she's capable of. Unspeakable violence. My whole life," Ryan quipped. "I didn't want to taste the back of her hand, so I said, 'Let's go to The View.'"

Ryan said he proceeded to make a call, during which he told the person, "I'm Blake's husband. I'd love to come to The View. Does that get us a little farther?"

"And then here we are," he noted, before joking of his mom, "I think my mom might've thought that she was going to be on The View."

Tammy shook her head at her son's antics, before telling Whoopi and the other hosts -- Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, and Alyssa Farah Griffin -- that she watches their show "every day."

She didn't plan to miss seeing Monday's episode on TV, either, as she revealed, "Right now it's being recorded."

While Ryan may not have been on The View to promote his work, the actor has been busier than ever as of late. His latest flick, IF, came out last month, while his upcoming movie, Deadpool & Wolverine, is creating buzz ahead of its July release. 

Personally, Ryan is busy too, as he and Blake recently traveled to Madrid to watch Taylor Swift's Eras Tour performance. The couple has long been friends with the pop star. In fact, Taylor name-dropped the pair's three oldest tots on her song, "Betty."

That fact prompted Ryan to joke on the Today show that he and Blake are waiting on Taylor to tell them the name of their fourth child.

ET later followed up with Ryan about the youngster's moniker, asking what they're calling them while they wait for Taylor to pick an official name. 

"Oh, all the letters are silent," he quipped. "It just sort of sounds like a light breeze blowing through at this point, which is really hard if you get mad at the child for something...Yeah, it doesn't work."

Watch the video below for more on Reynolds.