Ryan Guzman Reveals His 1-Year-Old Son Couldn’t Breathe During ‘Nightmare’ Incident

Ryan Guzman at TCAs
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The actor took to Instagram on Tuesday to recount how he had returned from work to the 'nightmare' of seeing his son unable to breathe.

Ryan Guzman is gratefully soaking up every second with his 1-year-old son, Mateo, following the scariest moment of his life, during which he feared for the little boy’s life.

The 32-year-old actor took to Instagram on Tuesday to recount how he had returned from work to the “nightmare” of seeing Mateo, who he welcomed with fiancée, Chrysti Ane, in January 2019, struggling to breathe.

“I’ve been through some scary events in my life, but none scarier than coming home after work seeing your fiancée rush to your son’s room and find out he can barely breathe,” Guzman explained in a video posted to his account on Tuesday. “He’s wheezing and coughing and giving you your worst nightmare.”

“All I can say is, thank you to the station 102 for sending out two incredible EMTs,” he continued. “Thank you to the 911 operator who kept both my fiancée and I calm during a hectic period.”

Pausing to say, “How you doing, buddy?” to Mateo, who could be heard making cute sounds in the background, Guzman then continued to show his appreciation for those who did an “incredible job” at the ER.

Gazing at Mateo, the Mexican-American actor emotionally concluded the video. “So thankful right now to have my little baby boy,” he said. “Thank you Chrysti, too.”

Guzman reiterated how grateful he was to have Mateo healthy and happy in the post’s caption.

“On little sleep, but none the less I woke up thankful today,” he wrote. “Yet again another reminder to take advantage of the time we're given. If you'd like, I challenge everyone take a couple minutes out of your day to appreciate one thing today. Whether it's something menial that you usually overlook on your day to day busy life or it's a person in your life that has been under appreciated.”

The post attracted plenty of well-wishes for Guzman and his family, with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt among those who left sweet messages.

“Sending so many prayers and love,” wrote Hewitt, Guzman’s 9-1-1 co-star. “Being a parent is really scary sometimes. So glad everything is okay. ???.”

The horrifying incident comes just days after the little boy celebrated his first birthday.

ET caught up with Guzman shortly before Mateo’s arrival, as he jokingly expressed his fear of “the teenage years,” said he can’t wait to simply hang out with his son, and explained the inspiration behind the name they had chosen.

“My mom ran a daycare for most of my life and one of the kids she watched after was named Mateo,” he explained. “He was one of the sweetest kids. As soon as I found out I was having a son, I pictured this little kid.”

Guzman said his 9-1-1 co-star and screen legend, Angela Bassett, had also offered him some parenting advice.

“She’s given me a few [tips],” he said. “She has two 12-year-old twins. She is one that has given me a lot of advice. She’s always been the one with substantial and really relevant advice.”

As for his plans to tie the knot with his gorgeous fiancée, Guzman said at the time that they were first focusing on Mateo’s arrival.

“There is a lot going on and I have to make sure mama bear is okay,” he said. “After we have the kid, we will probably wait until she feels comfortable and get everything situated. But there is no rush. I love her and she loves me, and we’re not going anywhere.”

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