Rosamund Pike Joins 'Now You See Me 3': See Everyone Else Who's Been Cast

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The 'Saltburn' star joins returning cast members and newcomers.

If the news of Now You See Me 3 wasn't enough to appease fans, maybe the latest additions will do the (magic) trick. 

On Thursday, Lionsgate announced that Academy Award nominee Rosamund Pike will join the cast in a pivotal but undisclosed role for the upcoming sequel, which comes more than a decade after the original film first premiered. Pike, 45, most recently appeared in Emerald Fennell's Saltburn and is currently starring in Prime Video's The Wheel of Time

"Pike joins the incredible ensemble as the new film returns audiences to the thieving illusionists known as the Four Horseman while introducing audiences to a new generation of magicians," the studio said in a press release.

The Pride and Prejudice actress joins previously announced newcomers like The Holdovers' breakout star Dominic Sessa, Justice Smith and Ariana Greenblatt.

It's expected that original cast members Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg and Dave Franco will reprise their respective roles.

Notably, Fisher, 48, did not participate in Now You See Me 2 and was replaced by Lizzy Caplan, whose status for the third film is unclear. It's also unclear if Mark Ruffalo, who had a major role in the first film, will reprise his character. 

Below, ET has compiled a list of all the new actors who will star in Now You See Me 3, which the studio describes as the "launching pad for the future of the franchise."

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike joins the cast of 'Now You See Me 3' - Getty Images

The I Care A Lot actress -- fresh off her BAFTA-nominated Saltburn and ahead of season 3 of The Wheel of Time -- joins the film in an undisclosed and "pivotal" role. 

Dominic Sessa 

Dominic Sessa joins the cast of 'Now You See Me 3' - Getty Images

Sessa -- who won a Critics Choice Award for his role as Angus Tully in the Oscar Best Picture nominee The Holdovers -- joins the film in an undisclosed role. Fans have speculated that due to the film's producers teasing a new generation of magicians, that new crop could include Sessa, 21. 

Justice Smith 

Justice Smith joins the cast of 'Now You See Me 3' - Getty Images

After receiving rave reviews for his film, I Saw the TV Glow, at SXSW and premiering The American Society of Magical Negroes, the 28-year-old actor is teaming up with the Four Horsemen illusionists for the third installment in the Now You See Me films. He was first confirmed to star in April. 

Ariana Greenblatt 

Ariana Greenblatt to star in Lionsgate's 'Now You See Me 3' - Getty Images

This Barbie is trying her hand at magic! After starring in Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig's acclaimed 2023 summer blockbuster, the 16-year-old actress will soon star in the highly anticipated film in an undisclosed role. In the meantime, she still has to promote her upcoming film, Borderlands, in which she stars alongside Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis and more. 

The film, which comes from Uncharted and Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer, does not yet have a premiere date.