Rob Lowe Shares Teenage Home Movie With Charlie Sheen, Talks 'West Wing' Reboot

Rob Lowe
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"That is the work of an early Steven Spielberg, I can tell you that."

Rob Lowe is giving fans a peek at his very early days directing with his friend, Charlie Sheen.

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night, 54-year-old Lowe shared an old home movie that he made with his brother, Chad Lowe, and Sheen, 53. The film, he revealed, was shot in the backyard of Sheen's dad, Martin Sheen, with whom Lowe would later go on to star in The West Wing.

"I recently uncovered one of the movies we made in Martin Sheen's backyard," Lowe told host Stephen Colbert. "I was obsessed with Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of... so this is our backyard version of Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of. I'd say we're 16. I'm directing and I'm also the cameraman. Charlie Sheen is the star and Chad Lowe as the beast."

The TV show Lowe referenced ran from 1977-1982 and covered unsolved mysteries and things that defy explanation. In their version of the series, Sheen plays a reporter -- wearing a tan suit and rocking some swoop-y, early days Justin-Bieber-like hair -- who's hunting down a monster. The hilarious clip is homemade filmmaking and its best, immediately eliciting thoughts of Dawson Leery's home film projects on Dawson's Creek.

"That is the work of an early Steven Spielberg, I can tell you that," Lowe joked following the clip.

During his sit down, Lowe also discussed the possibility of a West Wing reboot, something he's long since advocated for. In fact, in a tweet that 54-year-old Colbert showed off, the actor jokingly lamented "I wish I had been in something that would make a good reboot."

"I was watching all the reboots come out and look, I love Murphy Brown as much as the next person, and who doesn't? But I think it's time to get the old gang back together," Lowe said of his castmates who include Bradley Whitford, Allison Janney, Elisabeth Moss and Josh Malina. "I know all of the staff would love [it]... [but] it's all about Aaron Sorkin. He's the guy who wrote it. He's the guy who created it. He is The West Wing and we've got to have him figure it out."

While Lowe called Sorkin "very closed lipped" about the whole thing, he did admit that the famed writer is interested in the idea. "He says he'd like to do it as soon as he figures out a way to do it," Lowe revealed.

It looks like much of the cast -- who had a mini-reunion of sorts last month -- is also on-board for a possible reboot! Back in April, ET caught up with some of the stars of the beloved political drama who expressed that they were all in should the series ever return.

Malina, who played Will Bailey on the show, would love for it to come back, though he isn't so sure that it'll happen.

"I do co-host a podcast called The West Wing Weekly. And so in my small way, I am certainly trying to make it happen," he said."My gut tells me [it's] not going to happen. Then again, my gut isn't Olivia Pope's gut. Her gut is always right. Mine is often wrong."

"Well, it's still running on Netflix, so I think it's holding up quite well," Martin Sheen, who played President Bartlet on the series, said at the time. "It has a lot to teach us in today's situation, that we could not have anticipated before, so I think it's still very powerful."

"Are you kidding? I'd be in! That's where I got my start. They just gotta call me," Moss, Sheen's on-screen daughter, assured.

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