Rob Gronkowski Reacts to Tom Brady's Underwear Thirst Trap Pic (Exclusive)

Brady's friend and former teammate had some constructive suggestions for future thirst trap snaps.

Constructive feedback is always important between friends. Rob Gronkowski has a few notes for Tom Brady regarding his recent underwear-clad thirst trap selfie.

Speaking with ET at Fox’s Sports Day, Gronkowski responded to Brady's revealing pic, and admitted, "I don't think he did it right... his hand is not in the right place."

"He's covering up a little bit. You're not supposed to be covering up! That's what's supposed to be showing," he added with a laugh. "You gotta show the package, Tom."

Brady actually tagged Gronkowski and former teammate Julian Edelman asking, "Did I do I right?"

"Everything looks good, beside his hand placement," Gronkowski joked with reporters on Tuesday, adding, "When I saw that I was a little shocked."

"It's uncharacteristic of him, for sure. But that's what we love about Tom," Gronkowski added with a laugh. "When he throws a curveball, it's always for the fun and it's always great to see him doing that."

As for what's next for Brady professionally, last May, Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch revealed during the company's fiscal third-quarter earnings call that Brady would be the lead NFL analyst for Fox Sports after his retirement. 

Brady will "not only call our biggest NFL games" alongside new lead NFL play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt, but "he will also serve as an ambassador for us, particularly with respect to client and promotional initiatives," Murdoch said.

After Brady retired "for good" earlier this month, he told Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd why he doesn't plan to start his broadcasting until the fall of 2024.