'Revenge' Star Christa B. Allen Calls Out Co-Stars for Not Inviting Her to the Virtual Cast Reunion

Nick Wechsler, Christa B. Allen, and Emily VanCamp on Revenge
Vivian Zink/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The actress called the act 'bullying' in a reply to one commenter.

Charlotte Grayson doesn't like to miss an invite. Actress Christa B. Allen, who played the youngest Grayson sibling on the ABC drama Revenge, opened up on Instagram about not getting invited to an upcoming cast reunion. 

Allen, 29, first acknowledged the reunion on Twitter earlier this month when her co-star, Nick Wechsler, posted about it. 

"Looking forward to hanging (VIRTUALLY, dear Christ) with some of my @Revenge buds on February 6th. Join us! A portion of the proceeds will go to @StJude. @EmilyVanCamp @BarrySloane #JoshBowman," Wechsler wrote at the time, linking to details on the charity event. 

Allen replied, simply writing, "Nice."

On Monday, the actress, who has also gained a following on TikTok, took to Instagram, sharing a photo of herself with Revenge star Emily VanCamp and co-star Ashley Madekwe, writing, "I’m getting a lot of DMs about the Revenge virtual reunion happening on February 6th. of course I would’ve loved to be there with you all, but as per usual I was not invited. If the entry fee for this reunion is a bit much during these tough times, feel free to come hang out with me on TikTok live the same time, same day for free. 99."

One commenter replied to her message, "Maybe that attitude is the reason why you weren’t invited 🤷🏻‍♀️." Allen replied, "@honneymxn if standing up to bullying is wrong, I don’t want to be right."

Though Allen seemingly called out several of her co-stars in the post, she also got some co-star love. Madekwe commented, "I love this image of us. Feels like yesterday that we were shooting this 💖."

Allen's on-screen mom, Madeleine Stowe, also wrote, "You’re such a smart woman. I’ll have to get a TikTok just to watch you live.😘😘😘😘" 

After her supportive comment, Stowe posted a longer defense of Allen on her own Instagram account.

"She has a work ethic that I marveled at every single day she came to set," Stowe began in her lengthy post. "In all workplaces we have days that can be great and others that are frustrating. But when I asked Christa about this you know what her response was? 'I love my job.' And she said it in the most guileless, loving way."

Stowe went on to praise Allen's "depth of personal integrity," writing that she's "a discreet person who never complained or poured out the personal challenges any human being faces."

"She was affectionate and beloved by the crew and respectful to everyone," Stowe added.

Stowe next celebrated that Allen's "self-educated" and "just so damn intelligent," before gushing over her "strong moral compass and parsing eye."

"She is honest to a fault, but more often keeps her own counsel. And she’s so kind. Unbelievably so," Stowe wrote. "I saw her endure some things at 18 years of age that would bring a weaker person to their knees, but she has such inner dignity that she gracefully kept moving."

"And most importantly, I’ve had the privilege of seeing what she’s capable of -- and feel certain that the moment will come when you’ll see it, too," she continued. "We loved her as Charlotte but that’s the tip of the iceberg."

Stowe concluded her note by writing that she trusts and loves Allen "dearly."

"We had a great group, but Christa’s special to me -- like the daughter who’s a trusted friend," she wrote. "... I’m always learning from her."

Revenge ran from 2011 to 2015 for four seasons. Leading lady VanCamp went on to marry co-star Josh Bowman in real life. The couple celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary last month.